Quotes from The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing | Kentake Page

Quotes from The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Meserette Kentake January 2, 2016 
“Racism…is a universal operating system of white supremacy and domination in which the majority of the world’s white people participate.”
-pg3, “The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism”

“White skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, microscopically speaking, between the white skin of a white person and the skin of a person designated as an albino.”
-pg 23, “Alienation, Anxiety and Narcissism”

“Historically, white males worldwide have suffered the deep sense of male inferiority and inadequacy because they represent a mutant, genetically recessive, minority population that can be genetically annihilated by all non-white people.”
-pg 46, “Unified Field Theory Psychiatry”

“Constantine l, the Roman Emperor..made Christian worship lawful in the beginnings of the white supremacy system, had the following words placed on the cross, “In Hoc Signo, Vinces” (meaning, “In this sign you will conquer”). …Currently, the majority membership of Christian churches is non-white, and all are held in control under the sign of the cross.”
-pg 67, “Symbolism of Christ

“Once we become aware of the deep humilation that is apparently felt by whites because of their skin whiteness (due to the genetic mutation to albinism) and because of their genetic vulnerability when compared to non-whites, it is possible to understand the historically degraded status of sex in the white supremacy system/culture.”
-pg 104, “Guns as Symbols”

“The gun as a symbol in the white supremacy system/culture…cannot be banned because it is the symbolic phallus substitute for the white male. The white male’s penis and testicles genetically cannot annihilate Black and other non-white males, but his gun can. Therefore to ban the gun for the white male is to castrate him symbolically, to remove his defense mechanism for the ever present threat of white genetic annihilation.”
-pg 151, “The Symbolism of Smoking Objects”

“(Melanin is the black pigment which permits skins to appear other than white)…Melanin is a superior absorber of all energy. The fact that the whites lack melanin may also help to explain why they have quite a different concept and understanding of God…and why, in the view of many non-white peoples, they (whites) lack “spirituality” and the capacity to tune in to, and thereby establish harmony and justice in the universe. Because they lack the melanin sensory system, they cannot intuit that ALL is ONE.”
-pq 171, “The Concept and the Color of God”

“Black people are afraid, but Black people are going to have to get over their fear. Black people do not know what is happening, but Black people are going to have to learn and understand what is happening. Black people are not thinking, but Black people are going to have to begin thinking. Black people are not being quiet, but Black people are going to have to start getting quiet so that they can think. Black people are not analyzing and planning, but Black people are going to have to begin analyzing and planning. Black people do not understand deep self-respect, but Black people are going to have to learn the meaning and practice of deep self-respect. Black people are going to have to stop permitting Black children to play with parenthood. Black people are going to have to stop moaning, rocking, crying, complaining, begging. Black people are going to have to stop thinking that rhyme and rhetoric will solve problems. Black people are going to have to stop finger-popping and singing. Black people are going to have to stop dancing and clowning. Black people are going to have to stop laughing and listening to loud radios. All of these behaviors, and many more, have absolutely nothing to do with addressing the challenges and conditions of the open warfare continuously being waged against the Black collective.”
-pg 183, “The Synbolism, Logic and Meaning of Justifiable Homicide in the 1980s”

“Black females must understand that we always will be oppressed, as will our sons and daughters, unless Black men are liberated to defend themselves, Black females and Black children from any and all attacks and insults… The first lessons to Black Women were harsh and cruel ones of sexual assault and abuse, taking their children away and forcing them to watch their men being lynched and castrated. But then these harsh lessons were followed by milder treatment of Black women as compared to Black men. Black women were given extra food, money, clothing and other gifts for their special favors to the [enslavers]. They were rewarded for correctly teaching their children to conform to the enslaver’s wishes, as well as for telling their men to calm down and be patient so that they too could be rewarded.”
-pg 248 and 286 “Black Children” and “Black Women Moving Towards the 21st Century”

“As a collective, Black males must realize that they have been fooled into believing that white females are their most loving allies. While white females are luring Black men into bed and to the altar, the white female collective is depriving Black men of their opportunity to function fully as breadwinners and not just as ‘sex-machines’.”
-pg 249, “Black Children”

  1. Stop name-calling one another.
  2. Stop cursing at one another.
  3. Stop squabbling with one another.
  4. Stop gossiping about one another.
  5. Stop snitching on one another.
  6. Stop being discourteous and disrespectful towards one another.
  7. Stop robbing one another.
  8. Stop stealing from one another.
  9. Stop fighting one another.
  10. Stop killing one another.
  11. Stop using and selling drugs to one another.
  12. Stop throwing trash and dirt on the streets and in places where Black people live, work and learn.
    -pg 250, “Black Children”

“The facts of our true identity are that we, as Black people, are persons whose dominant genetic and historic roots extend to Africa, ‘the land of the Blacks’. Africa was the birth place of humankind and that for many hundreds of centuries thereafter Africans, meaning Black people, were in the forefront of all human progress. As John Henrik Clarke states, ‘It can be said with a strong degree of certainty that Africa had three Golden Ages. The first two reached their climax and were in decline before Europe as a functioning entity in human society was born.’ BLACK WOMEN AND BLACK MEN ARE THE PARENTS OF THE ENTIRE FAMILY OF PEOPLE -black, brown, red, yellow and white varieties.”
-pg 284, “Black Women Moving Towards the 21st Century”

“Critical in the history of white supremacy was the decision not to control Black and other women of color, but to control the men of color… Thousands upon thousands of Black men in the U.S. were lynched and castrated to drive home the message that white men intended to control the “balls” in this world, both on and off the court! White males understood that they needed white women as well as Black women to help them achieve and maintain this power relationship. White women always have known what they stood to gain – their own survival as whites. Black women have been confused and less clear in fully understanding how they have been led to cooperate in this deadly power game of white supremacy. Further, Black women do not understand fully that they have nothing to gain and everything to lose if this deadly game continues.”
-pg 285, “Black Women Moving Towards the 21st Century”

Source: Quotes from The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing | Kentake Page

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