UC San Diego agrees to overhaul handling of racial harassment complaints

The federal government has reached a settlement with the University of California, San Diego following an investigation of complaints of racial harassment against black students that included the display of nooses and a Klux Klan-style hood on campus, and an off-campus party that invited guests to dress as stereotypes of African Americans, the Department of Justice announced Friday.

UCSD worked with the Justice Department and the Department of Education to address these incidents and overhaul its program to prevent and address future racial hostility on campus, it said in a release.
As part of the overhaul, the university agreed to establish an office to receive, investigate and resolve complaints of racial harassment and provide mandatory training for staff and students on the school’s anti-discrimination policies, according to the release.
“We salute UCSD for taking these steps and we hope the entire school community learns from this experience and works together to overcome ignorance and intolerance,” said Russlynn Ali, assistant secretary for the Education Department’s civil rights office. “America is a country that has always celebrated its diversity. Nowhere is that more important than in our classrooms and schools – at every level – from the earliest grades to our colleges and universities.”

Titles IV and VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 each prohibit harassment based on race.

The investigation began after the incidents came to light in 2010.



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