‘The Preezy of the United Steezy’: Cheers as the Barack Ness monster slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon


The ‘Preezy of the United Steezy’ tried to woo young voters when he hilariously slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon and his hip house band The Roots.

Barack Obama, dubbed the ‘Barack Ness monster’ by the comedy host, spoke about rising student interest rates in the popular section of NBC’sLate Night With Jimmy Fallon‘ show.

‘The Potus with the mostest’ appeared from behind a curtain on a University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, stage to wild applause after Fallon said he wasn’t the only one wanting to appear on the segment.

First for everything: The Roots provided the backing music for the impressive jamming session which Fallon contributed his crooning to as well

Jammin’: The president slow jammed one of his policies during his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Pals: Barack Obama (left) and Jimmy Fallon (right) laugh as they recorded the show at the University of North Carolina campus

He said ‘I’m President Barack Obama and I, too, want to slow jam the news,’ before Fallon screamed ‘hit me presidential style’ and The Roots descended into a slow jazz jam.

Obama said: ‘On July 1st of this year, the interest rate on student loans, the same loans that many of you use to pay for college, are set to double.


‘That means some hard working students will be paying about a $1,000 extra just to get their education. So I’ve called on Congress to prevent this from happening.

‘What we said is simple: Now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people.’

Cover star: Barack Obama is on the front cover of May’s Rolling Stone

Fallon then chimed in: ‘Oh yeah. You should listen to the President. Or as I like to call him, the Preezy of the United Steezy.

‘Things are heating up inside Congress’ chambers behind all those closed doors. So the President made a few discreet calls across the aisle.

‘He said ‘hey let’s get together’ on this one. Without an affordable loan where can the student turn?

‘The Pell Grant is a beautiful thing but with college getting more expensive is it enough by itself to satisfy all your collegiate needs. Aw, Pell no.’

Ovation: President Barack Obama acknowledges the crowd as he finishes his speech on the campus of University of North Carolina yesterday

The Roots sang: ‘Aw Pell no, if Congress doesn’t act it’s the students who pay, the right and left should join on this like Kim and Kanye.’

It prompted Obama to say: ‘Now there’s some in Congress who disagree, they say keeping the interest rate low isn’t the way to help our students.

‘They say we should be doing everything we can to pay down the national debt. Well, so long as it doesn’t include taxing billionaires.

Spillage: President Barack Obama wipes yogurt off of his pants after it was spilled on him as he greeted people outside a student watering hole

‘But their position is that the students just have to make this rate increase work. Frankly I don’t buy it.’ The camera turned to Fellon, who said: ‘Mmm, mmm, mmm. The Barack Ness Monster ain’t buyin’ it.

‘We all know our legislative bodies in the house are tossing and turning late into the night, but still Republicans disagree and could even filibuster, but if they do, the President says ‘they’re gonna feel it, Buster.’

The Roots sang: ‘The GOP is steady saying no,no no, they should find something new to do like Tim Tebow.’

Obama countered: ‘The reason it is so important to keep down costs is so we keep college affordable.’ Fallion then joked: ‘And the president knows his stuff yall, that’s why they call him the Potus – which means Person on top… what is it?’

Obama, giving him a gentle reminder, said it stood for ‘The President of the United States‘, with The Roots then dubbing him ‘the Potus with the mostest.’

Blueberry bother: The president wipes yogurt – which appears to be blueberry flavoured – from his pants

The popular appearance came during Obama’s two-day, three-state tour of college campuses.

Later on in the day he had yoghurt spilled on him as he chatted to students from the University of Colorado at The Sink Restaurant and Bar.

It was not clear exactly how one woman managed to spill what appeared to be blueberry flavoured yoghurt down the president’s pants – just as he was about to get back inside his armoured car.

In photographers snapped away Obama crouched down to wipe the milky substance off his suit with a towel he had been given.

But the president made light of the accident telling the clumsy lady, ‘Getting yogurt on the president, you’ve got a story to tell,’ according to reporters at the scene.

‘I’m very embarrassed,’ she replied.

And the woman’s embarrassment was surely exacerbated when the president told a 10,800 strong crowd about the spillage during his speech later in the day.

‘A woman got very excited and spilled yogurt on me,’ he joked to the students. ‘Or hazardously, she spilled yogurt on the Secret Service. The agent just stood there, looking at her.’


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