black victim of hate crime faces murder trial for killing white supremacist in self-defense

A black transgender Minneapolis woman pleaded guilty to second degree manslaughter in the stabbing death of a local man, but her supporters maintain she was the actual victim in the case.

As the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting, 23-year-old CeCe McDonald is expected to be sentenced June 4 to three years and five months in prison for the death of Dean Schmitz, a white man.

McDonald was walking past a local bar on June 5, 2011 when an altercation between her and Schmitz, in addition to other patrons, erupted on the sidewalk outside. According to various reports, McDonald — who was transitioning at the time — said she pulled out a pair of scissors in an attempt to defend herself after the group hurled a glass at her face, and taunted her and her friends with both anti-gay and racist epithets, including “faggots,” “niggers” and “chicks with d*cks.”

Schmitz, who allegedly had a swastika tattoo and was between the ages of 41 and 47 according to varied reports, died at the scene from a stab wound to his chest.

Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon is among those to defend McDonald, saying she was targeted for her race and gender. “It appears that CeCe was the victim of a hate crime that involved many people but she was the only person held by the police,” Gordon wrote on his blog. “Here is another example transgender women of color being targeted for hate- and bias-related violence. It is unfortunate that in this case, as in so many, the hate crime itself appears to have been ignored.”

Melanie Williams, columnist for the Minnesota Daily, felt similarly. “[Schmitz’s] attack, therefore, was not just a random attack on one person’s body, but an attack on an entire race and entire gender,” she wrote. “An entire population of living, breathing, feeling people are hurting with McDonald, perhaps not physically but in the core of who they are.”

Though prosecuting attorney Mike Freeman has insisted that “gender, race, sexual orientation and class [were] not part of the decision-making process,” McDonald’s supporters have also drawn attention to the treatment she is said to have received from officers and other officials throughout the course of the investigation and trial. According to Support CeCe McDonald, a website created “in solidarity with trans people targetted [sic] by the prison industrial complex”:

CeCe was briefly taken to the hospital where she received 11 stitches in her cheek. Then, while she was still suffering both physically and mentally from this traumatic incident, she was left alone in a room for three hours and then interrogated, after which she was placed into solitary confinement. She spent the next several months in jail and had to wait almost two months between her initial doctors’ visit and a much-needed follow-up appointment.

During that time, her cheek swelled into an extremely painful, golfball-sized lump, making eating difficult and producing headaches and pressure on her left eye and ear. Ironically, the only gesture towards CeCe’s well-being that authorities made during her incarceration was to put her in solitary confinement “for her own protection” on two separate occasions, despite her stated desire to be housed alongside other prisoners.”

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18 thoughts on “black victim of hate crime faces murder trial for killing white supremacist in self-defense”

  1. Again, this is either a transsexual woman or a transgendered man in drag who pretends he is a woman. A “transgender” is a man who lives as a woman and keeps his penis for life, while a transsexual is a person born with the wrong genitals by no choice of their own and has a burning need to have the wrong genitals removed and live as if they never had them. As a transsexual woman and a multiple time hate crime survivor, I take offense to the term “transgender.” Calling a TS a TG is no better than using hate slurs. It seems the media has this sick need to refer to TSs as TG to deprive them of their hard-earned mainstream rights. If this is a TG, I respect him as my brother, but if this is truly a TS woman, I respect her as her sister.

    So the press needs to decide if this was merely a Queer man who lived as a woman against his true nature (transgender), or a woman born with a medical difference she could not help (transsexual). That said, I feel sorry for what this human being endured and how the court only compounded the problem against them.

    Hopefully, every police officer who refused to believe SHE as the victim, all officers who refused to refer to her by female pronouns, and all who refused to heed her pleas will be fired, disgraced, and unable to ever work in law enforcement again. If they are not fired, then the whole town needs to riot, and the public needs to destroy the reputations of the officers of any cost. So what are the names of every officer who suspected her or was rude to her?

    1. hlj, just knowing you give yourself a name like that makes me REALIZE that your comments come from LDS- little d*ck syndrome…. you are an ignorant classless fool and it is sad that people like you are still running around this country without a leash. speaking of trying to go get wise, you might want to pick up a book… mostly everything you live off of today is invented by an African American. before you post an ignorant comment with no substance, please get someone, African American, to proof it…

      1. I don’t know if you’re Black or white and I truly don’t care. I’m a Black man and what you read is called sarcasm. I realize that doesn’t translet well in print, I thought I was known over here. So, yes I was making a point or trying make a point. My name is better known as BLACKA!!.

      2. You people need to focus your efforts at the correct enemy. I’m a Black person and I was giving a little sarcasm, didn’t work did it?

        As far as my handle goes, it’s a play on words and also I don’t believe in anyone named Jesus was every walking this Earth (of the bible I mean). I’ll go ahead and caulk it up as ignorance on your part.

      3. The Black invention thing is a proven urban legend. While people of color have invented many things we use, it is usually not the things on the Internet lists that get passed around. On those lists, people who made mere improvements to existing inventions were credited as the inventors, while more serious accomplishments of African-Americans were ignored. So those lists are patronizing at best and misinformation and mockery at worst. For instance, some credit a Black man for inventing the air conditioner. He didn’t do that, Mr. Carrier did instead. However, what this Black man did was to think outside the box and adapt air conditioning units for other important uses. Thanks to him, we have mobile military coolers for medical supplies that need to be kept cool and canteen trucks for selling hot and cold items. With the light bulb, not only didn’t Edison invent the first bulb (he only invented a more suitable filament in regards to the bulb), Mr. Latimer didn’t invent the first bulb either, but merely improved it. The “traffic signals” on the list were not turn signals, brake lights, nor traffic lights as we think of them. That invention wasn’t electrical at all. It was a sign on a pole with an attendant. Now, Carver did some amazing things with peanuts, though most didn’t take off. I don’t think he invented peanut butter, in spite of what he did invent.

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  5. CeeCe needs to be hailed in the Black communities nationwide for taking out one of our obvious enemies. We all need to make sure that CeeCe is taken care of in prison and given the basic necessities from the commissary. CeeCe made certain that there is one less Aryan or Nazi. Good Job!

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