Kate Goldsmith attacked by racist trolls in vile ‘gorilla’ tweet about relationship with U.S. black rapper t hat prompted marriage split

Vile abuse: Internet trolls have been bombarding Kate Goldsmith, left, with vile racist abuse in reaction to her alleged affair with black U.S. rapper Jay Electronica, right

She has only just stopped trading vicious blows with her estranged husband on Twitter, but now Kate Goldsmith is enduring a new cycle of online animosity – sickening racist tweets.

Internet trolls have been bombarding the Rothschild heiress with vile racist abuse in reaction to her alleged affair with black U.S. rapper Jay Electronica.

It has been reported that she split with Ben Goldsmith, her husband of nine years, for the New Orleans musician.

Ben Goldsmith pictured with Jay Electronica who is alleged to have had an affair with his wife

Today one of the vile tweets written by Sublime2 ‏@ochimp1 referred to the musician as a ‘gorilla.’

Another user under the name of ‏@EnigmaIce1 tweeted ‘Top World family defiled by a low life … and an an ape.’

Most of the comments were too offensive to republish online and were sent from anonymous Twitter accounts with fake names and unidentifiable profile pictures.

Vile: Internet troll sent racist tweets to Kate Goldsmith, attacking her relationship with U.S. rapper Jay Electronica

Offensive: Another anonymous tweeter directly contacted Kate Goldsmith with a barrage offensive messages

Mrs Goldsmith’s followers reacted with shock at the vicious and nasty tweets – one user calling themselves ‏@Hattie_Jacques wrote on their Twitter page:

‘Astonished by the vile racism aimed at @kateroundtable just because she appears to have left a white man for a black man. It is 2012 right?!’

Another user told Mrs Goldsmith to report one of the trolls as he had ‘done it to people in the celeb world before.’

So far Mrs Goldsmith has not responded to any of the sick tweets, although she did write on her profile page: ‘It ain’t safe out here in these tweets.’

Mrs Goldsmith’s followers reacted with shock at the vicious and nasty tweets

The comment is thought to play on lyrics from LA-based rappers Black Knights who sang It aint safe out on these streets.

Although she swore off using Twitter she has now defended her use of it to air grievances as the only recourse.

After public spats on the social networking site, the couple released a joint statement on Friday saying they regretted saying things in public that should have been kept private, adding: There will be no further comment.

However, in fresh tweets yesterday, Mrs Goldsmith lashed out at Daily Mail writer Janet Street Porter who had criticised the Twitter war in an article entitled: Why this modern compulsion to let it all hang out makes my skin crawl. Street Porter said Mrs Goldsmith was invading her own privacy by tweeting about her marriage.

Attack: Sister-in-law Jemima Khan

In a fresh twist, her comments appeared to have been prompted by tweets about the Street Porter article from socialite Jemima Khan her husbands sister.

Mrs Khan wrote: In the same article about the need for privacy (a fair point) she [Street Porter] also outs her own Mum as an adulterer for good measure. #hypocrisy.

A freelance journalist Sarah Standing joined in, tweeting: Oh that article made me so angry, what bull****

At which point, Mrs Goldsmith posted: Me too…and re her condemnation of me taking to twitter to air grievances as I did she publishes her views and opinions ad nauseam.

With the luxury of not having them twisted and magimixed by the press. Twitter is the only recourse for most.

Mrs Goldsmith, 30, had been branded appalling by her 31-year-old husband for her behaviour since she began a relationship with Electronica.

The New Orleans rapper, whose real name is Timothy Elpadaro Thedford, is currently staying in a £1.8million penthouse apartment in Knightsbridge, a short distance from Mrs Goldsmiths £20million marital home in Kensington.

Mrs Goldsmith, claimed her life had been saved by the rap artist, who she manages through her own record label, Roundtable Records. She also appeared to accuse her husband of cheating on her before the couple issued their statement.

Yesterday Mr Goldsmith was keeping quiet about the split and his only tweet was about how solar power would be the lowest cost energy option in the US by 2015. Electronica said he had no comment to make.


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