racist cop sentenced to 57 months in prison for using slurs during false arrest and beating another victim

Michael Daragjati, 32, faced a judge Friday  in Brooklyn Federal District Court

AN OUTRAGED judge slammed a racist NYPD cop with 57 months in prison for  falsely arresting a black man and participating in an off-duty beating of  another victim.

Disgraced cop Michael Daragjati, of Staten Island, tried to win points from  Judge William Kuntz by criticizing the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactics. ‘These  people should hate me and rightfully so,’ Daragjati told the judge.

Michael Daragjati destroyed his police career by getting caught on an FBI  wiretap spewing racial slurs and boasting how he had “fried another nigger.”

But when Daragjati called his fabrication of criminal charges against the  victim a mere “bad judgment call,” Brooklyn Federal Judge William Kuntz decided  he had heard enough.

“Today is also your earthly judgment day,” Kuntz boomed Friday in a courtroom  packed with Daragjati’s family and supporters.

The judge — who is black and a longtime member of the Civilian Complaint  Review Board before he was appointed to the bench last year — took serious issue  with Daragjati’s tortured assertions that using the N-word was not racist, but  rather a term of derision for people who disrespect the law.

“My goodness sir, you just made the worst possible argument a policeman could  make,” Kuntz said.

Kuntz cited the film “Training Day,” in which actor Denzel Washington  casually calls his white partner played by Ethan Hawk “my n—–,” as an example  of a sick culture that threatens the rule of law.

Kuntz also threw Daragjati’s claims of heroism back in his face.

“You knew how to act as a real police officer,” Kuntz said. “You embraced the  anti-cop way, the criminal way.”

Daragjati pleaded guilty to violating the civil rights of Kenrick Gray by  fabricating resisting arrest charges because Gray had mouthed off about a rough  treatment during a stop-and-frisk last year.

During Friday’s hearing, Daragjati attempted to curry favor by claiming that  his time in jail so far has been a learning experience. “People don’t like the  cops,” he said. “This stop and frisk nonsense goes on. …I just spent eight  months in prison with 120 males and I’ve heard their stories. These people  should hate me and rightfully so. I’ve opened my eyes to things I’ve never seen  before.”

Daragjati also apologized to Gray, who was sitting in the courtroom. But he  expressed no remorse toward the other man, who he beat over snow plow theft  accusations in the vigilante attack.

Defense lawyer Ronald Fischetti said eight cops wrote letters to the judge  on behalf of Daragjati and now may face discipline from the Internal Affairs  Bureau.

Daragjati has a history of racism: Previously Daragjati had been the subject  of three civil rights lawsuits and a CCRB complaint, in which a black man  alleged the cop told him to “shut your n—– mouth.”

Daragjati will serve 48 months for the extortion and nine months after that  for the civil rights violation. Kuntz declined to recommend to the U.S. Bureau  of Prisons that Daragjati be sent to a facility within 100 miles of his home in  Staten Island.


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