white literature

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…And we’re suppose to believe that creatures who classify themselves as “white” brought civilization to this world?

White Literature

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7 Responses to “white literature”

  1. spassmaske Says:

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    Daaamn… No comment on that one!

  2. TJ Says:

    Paul Gable was a pseudonym for Everett Jones, a black man.

  3. Jimmy Rustle Says:

    You don’t complain about beastiality when the creatures who call themselves ‘black’ are porking white women

  4. Gooba Doob Says:

    What The Fuck?

  5. Djmccoy Says:

    Man you are one ignorant white person! No need for all that ignorance just because your white women would rather sleep with a black man.

  6. theamazingracit Says:

    Better than fucking a gorilla.

  7. Skeeter Says:

    You can’t blame black men for sleeping with your women. It’s your fault you can’t beat up the pussy good enough so, your woman gets taken. That’s on you and all the other little white boys that can’t keep a woman happy. I’m white and have never had a woman cheat on me or leave me for another man cause I hold down my woman’s pussy. Sorry for ya dude

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