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The Interracial Con Game

quote from Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing from The Interracial Con Game. (page 43)

In the game of chess for the last 100 years, the game has been played where white always moves first. The white side is playing offense/defense. The black side is playing defense/offense. That’s a perfect analogy to white supremacy. White supremacy has to move against non-white people for the purposes of genetic survival.  

The game of chess is also about checkmating the King. With white moving offensively and then defensively, that means the real issue in the game of chess is about the white King checkmating the black King. 

While some of us still think of racism as the actions of a few (or many) “racist” white people, white people ALWAYS play the “white side” of the chess board which is why they are winning and will keep winning until WE start playing the “black side” of the board.

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