THP: New ABC Show starring, Vanessa Williams, titled “666 Park Ave.” She is married to a white man. He plays the devil and she is Mrs. Devil. They kill WP.

All signs point to WAR being waged against non-white people, in particular, black people. We ignore these signs at our own peril

 A COWS listener just sent me this email which I’ll share with all of you:


All of these new shows starting at  Obama’s second term.    I guess CBS will be next to  announce their new,  black people are in charge and oppressing WP, show. 

Triple 6’s ( 666) is  accepted as the number of the Anti Christ and the devil.   Here you have a black woman  being presented as  the devil’s wife.   From a preview clip of the show,  Vanessa’s character is out to harm a white woman.     I guess WP  are going to make the  white  woman  the wholesome of the   black male.   Either way,  the white man is working on the black woman and the white woman is working on the black male. 

Powerful WP  are setting the scene for  low level white people to go  overt and hardcore against  black people.

Europe is literally burning especially in Greece and Spain over high unemployment of white people and austerity.   WP  all over the globe are feeling under pressure and are being made to “feel” like they are losing their  power.  Also, Europeans are feeling like  immigrants are running things.

No coincidences.   Obama is the Muslim, Anti Christ  who is responsible for WP  losing their American dream and ushering in  Immigrants, Muslim brotherhood, and homosexuality.

On the NBC, they just started a new show called “ Revolution”  where  WP   are trying to survive after the apocalypse with a  black Massa who is oppressing them.  This is telling WP  that  if they don’t  strike, this is what  their lives will be like.  BP will be oppressing them. Isn’t this what WP have been saying for  over 500 years?   BP are going to do to us what we’ve done to them.

Jamie Foxx will be killing  off white men  for Christmas in Dejango Unchained.

Black men are being  presented as  Zombies who are out eating/ attacking  white people. The gov’t and the police have been having Zombie and apocalyptic emergency and survival practices. 

All of the  criminal reenactment shows are  showing  recent and crimes from “long ago” where they say  black men killed white women. They are reaching back into crimes from the  70s that show black men being blamed for  killing white women to have the effect that  BP are going to rape and kill white women right now.


What is happening is the white supremacists are setting the stage for the MASSIVE SCAPEGOATING of blacks for the crimes they are and will be committing against the planet. They are USING us, in the same manner they’ve always used us, and unfortunately, many or most black people will see these shows and movies as “progress” even while racist attacks, and economic pain will be greatly increasing.

Some of us will flock in greater numbers to the same “Christian (white) church that has played a major role in enslaving us. Some of us will become more INTERNAL-CIDAL — meaning we will be killing and harming each other.

Some will simply cave in psychologically and shut down. But there will be those (i hope more than now) who will SEEK and EMBRACE the truth, that a mighty WAR is being waged against us and at some point, we will have to fight back with the most powerful weapon on the universe:



so, we must all step up our efforts — as individuals — to share information AND to avoid doing and saying those things that promote white supremacy and black degradation. There’s a reason the media keeps shoving these black and white sexual images, and promoting black people with a white parent down our throats.

We DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS, we can reject it. We DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THE LIES THEY TELL US ABOUT OURSELVES, we can reject it. That is where our REAL power begins.

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  1. I think you got it right sista. The pump is being primed right now for white people to kickoff some kinda uprising against Black people. I think at first it may just the cops killing us (much like now), then so-called vigilantly groups will be working in night to kill us off. I also think those things are happening right now. We must stay on our feet and especially after the election.

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