Ice Cream Co. to All Muslims: You Are From Pakistan

screenshot of the of the Facebook conversation in question, provided by a friend of the Muslim man

A Northwest ice cream company has a message for all of its Muslim customers out there: You’re from Pakistan, whether you know it or not.

As first reported by our friends at the Bozeman (Mont.) Daily Chronicle, that was the gist of a Facebook note to a Muslim customer who had asked Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream of Montana, via the social networking site, whether the gelatin in its ice cream comes from pigs, which would make it off limits to Muslim eaters.

"We don’t deliver outside of Montana, certainly not Pakistan," was the response.
The customer, offended, responded that he in fact lived in Sheridan, Mont. Wyo.

And lest you think this was the work of some sugar-high intern who had too much double chunk, the company’s president told the Chronicle that it was he who had posted the comment. He chalked it up to really not know how Facebook – or basic customer relations – works.

Schaeffer said his response was not racist. He was "overwhelmed with work," had a break and went on the company’s Facebook page to respond to questions. The user had an icon next to the name that said "Pakistan," Schaeffer said. Responding quickly, he said he jotted his response down. "I thought he was making this comment from Pakistan," Schaeffer said. "It wasn’t a racist comment… It was just an honest mistake."

As of Wednesday morning, the Facebook page has been taken down.

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