THP: A frigging great reason…

A frigging great reason not to go ANYWHERE a lot of white people are drinking and drugging

especially the ones on the stage making a lot of money

I avoid those situations like the plague

and it’s not about the age group because I’ve seen this kind of hostility

from adult white males wearing business suits

after they’ve had a few drinks

Judging from the potentially volatile situation at that “concert”

50 years ago, this black male could have lost his life to a white lynch mob

where someone hurled the word “nigger!” into a crowd of drunk racists

We better wake up and smell the alcohol

Overt racism is becoming MORE and MORE acceptable — and more common

Especially in a bad economy with a lot of out of work white people

Rocker Nikki Sixx Calls ***HIS***Security Guard A Nigger


~Trojan Horse Press~

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