suspected racist defends Obama mask on monkey as free speech

Craig County Obama monkey display pic06 October 01 2012


Curtis Caldwell said he understands why some people find his statue of a monkey wearing a mask of President Obama offensive.

Caldwell said however it’s his right to free speech to display it.

“If I would’ve had a kangaroo I would’ve used a kangaroo instead of a monkey,” Caldwell said.

Several people who saw the display on Caldwell’s property contacted WSLS 10 with their concerns.

“I know some neighbors won’t like it,” Caldwell said. “I have friends in San Francisco I know would hate it but that’s too bad.”

“I’ll say what I wish,” Caldwell said.

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It’s pretty clear who Curtis Caldwell’s going to vote for in the upcoming Presidential Election.

The mask of President Obama on a statue of a monkey he purchased in Florida, with the sign above it stating “No Bama,” pretty much gives away the fact Caldwell is a Romney-Ryan supporter.

Caldwell said the set-up had nothing to do with race; he feels another term for President Obama would be “bad for the country.”

The Vietnam veteran says he used a skeleton to satire Obama in ’08, but that skeleton is falling apart, so he decided to use his monkey; he says the monkey normally sits in a chair on his property.

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