Tasmania: Police deny racism claims


Police has slammed allegations of racism made by Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre spokesman Michael Mansell against one of its senior officers over a fatal motorcycle crash on Cape Barron Island.

The victim, 53-year-old Vance Thomas, crashed after hitting a wallaby on Sunday. His body was discovered on Thunder and Lightning Rd on Monday.

Asked by a media outlet if speed or alcohol were contributors to the crash, Flinders Island-based Senior Sergeant Russell Judges reportedly said alcohol might have been a factor.

Mr Mansell condemned the comment, accused the officer of “flagrant racism” and insisted Police Commissioner Darren Hine launch an inquiry into the police handling of the death.

But Assistant Commissioner Donna Adams said the comment was not racist.

She said police were regularly asked to comment on the possible factors involved in the serious and fatal crashes they attended.

Police deny racism claims Today’s News – The Mercury – The Voice of Tasmania.

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