Idaho: white supremacist rock festival held without incident

Law enforcement officials had concerns that a white supremacist rock festival in the Valley on Saturday could lead to violent clashes.

But members of Hammerskin Nation quietly celebrated their 25th anniversary on private property in remote Canyon County, according to the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office.

“It was in the Melba area,” Canyon County Corporal Bill Jarrett said. “But we didn’t have any calls or real problems with it at all. It was pretty uneventful, overall.”

He didn’t know precisely where the gathering took place, but said he believes it was on Melmont Road, which is north of Melba.

The group had advertised the event on social media. The location was listed as Boise, but no venue was named, leading to a lot of speculation about where the gathering would be.

The website Antipathy Records touts itself as the official label of Hammerskin Nation.

In a message on Facebook on Saturday, Antipathy said “several hundred” skinheads gathered for Hammerfest 2012.

“Thanks to everyone who has made it possible … Thanks also to the Boise people and law enforcement that have respected our rights and welcomed us into their city. We are having a great time and we will see you again soon,” the message read.

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