Black Americana


We present below an extensive collection of African American art and Black Americana presenting caricatures of blacks created after the Civil War. This treasure trove of images was created from both private collections and public sources.  Many of these images show racist portrayals of blacks, and reflect the public sentiment that often existed towards the freed slaves, and the first generation of free blacks. These images remind us of how far we have come, how far we yet have to go, and how we must never go back.

Negro Playing Banjo Negro Banjo Player Smiling Negro Smiling Negro Negro Caricature Negro Caricature
Vaudeville Vaudeville Performers Minstrels Minstrels Black Man Caricature of Black Man
Gorton’s Minstrels Young Black Man Young Black Man Minstrel
Black Dancers Black Dancers Racist Picture Racist Picture Racist Cartoon Racist Cartoon
Racist Racist Symbols Laughing Negro Smiling Black Man Smiling Black Man
Topsy Topsy, From Uncle Tom’s Cabin Lawyer Marks Lawyer Marks from Uncle Tom’s Cabin Uncle Tom Uncle Tom


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