Actual photographs of slaves and slave life are very rare.  This makes sense . . . plantation owners and slave drivers certainly did not want to advertise and document their dark trade. After the slaves were freed, most were very poor and so did not have portraits made.  We have done extensive research to find the few existing photos of slaves and ex-slaves. Below, for your consideration, we present these rare images of slaves and slave life.  We are eager to expand this collection.  If you are a descendent of a slave, and have images in a family album of someone who was a slave, we would be honored if you would share it with us, and the visitors to this site.  Similarly, if you are the descendent of plantation or slave owners, we would be pleased if you would share your images.

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Old Slave in Overalls Old Slave in Overalls Slave with his Dog Slave with his Dog Slave on his Porch Slave on his Porch
Hands of a Slave Hands of a Slave Slave Couple Alabama Slave Alabama Slave
Slave Sitting on a Bench Old Slave Woman Old Slave Woman Slave on Steps Slave Sitting on Steps
Old Slave An Old Slave Woman Slae Woman Slave Slaves Working Cotton Slaves Working Cotton
Richmond Slaves Richmond Slaves SlavesSlaves Plantation Slaves Plantation Slaves

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