Store Owner Portrays President Obama as a Witch Doctor

Who knew partisanship could be so bone-chilling?

A business owner in Spring Lake, New Jersey likens President Obama to a witch doctor in a store display some are calling racist. Bill Skuby of Skuby & Co. Lifestyle Clothing is host to a phony tombstone, complete with zombie, that features a picture of Obama affixed to a witch doctor that reads “Obamacare” just below. CBS reports that while some in the area think the window display is clever and support Skuby’s sense of humor, others worry the anti-Obama grave makes Spring Lake appear racist to outsiders.

Skuby isn’t backing down, however. He’ll even tell you so: “I’m not backing down,” he informed a local radio station. “The truth of the matter is, this is the way I feel and we’ve got to stand up for what we feel.”

Groups are apparently planning on picketing the store over the display, a move to which Skuby responds with a shrug. The same Obamacare tombstone was up last Halloween with nary a shriek from anyone, he points out.

Store Owner Portrays Obama as a Witch Doctor.

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