19 Ways To Save Money

“You are smart but lazy” is an assessment many of us heard before. When we were in school, laziness cost us high grades and when we plunged in the business world, it probably cost us a promotion. It’s no big deal you might say, but if we were to somehow stop being lazy, these 19 money leaks might just go away.

  1. Unused Gift Cards – For those of us who accumulated a bunch of gift cards at home, maybe it’s time that we sell (or use) some of them. They might be lost, forgotten or in some cases deemed worthless (Circuit City anyone?).
  2. Free Offers That Expire – Sometimes, companies just offer free stuff on certain days. Recently, Denni’s offered free breakfast and Quiznos offered free subs. Most people just don’t bother with these free offers but you should really take advantage if you find out.
  3. Old Stuff Collecting Dust in Your House – We all heard about selling old stuff on ebay but how many of you really tried?
  4. Tax Refunds that People Don’t Claim – It’s amazing how some people don’t file taxes even though they can get a refund while others don’t even cash their checks. Filing taxes isn’t that hard so just get it done already.
  5. Don’t Waste Reward Points – Whether it’s frequent flyer miles, credit card rewards or hotel loyalty programs, points expire. Periodically check on them to make sure you don’t waste any.
  6. Cancel Memberships You Don’t Use – The biggest complaint about the companies giving out free credit reports is the fact that they enroll you into their monthly credit monitoring service. They definitely do what they can to hide this fact when you sign up but if you never check your credit card statement for a few months, don’t you think you should shoulder some responsibility? Go through the monthly statements every month to make sure you aren’t paying for recurring fees on services that you don’t need.
  7. Credit Cards with Annual Fees – Unless you are after a specific card benefit, you really don’t need to pay for annual fees these days. Those who are still paying a yearly charge should consider calling the credit card company up to switch to a similar card with no annual fee.
  8. Paying Interests Without Having To Do So – There’s the age old argument of using the money you borrow to make more than the interests of the loan but does this make sense for most people who aren’t sophisticated investors? Paying off our debt should always be the number one priority because some of us just don’t have the time to practice being effective investors. (Here are 25 more great ways to pay off your debt today.)
  9. Those Coupons that You Forget to Bring – I remember several times when I clipped a coupon for a certain restaurant only to find out after dinner that I didn’t bring it with me. I started keeping them in my car (and some in my wallet too) so this scenario doesn’t happen again.
  10. Small Purchases for Work that You Don’t Bother to Expense – I knew a few coworkers who would always buy supplies for the company and never bother to expense them. Their argument is always about how insignificant the amounts are, but the real reason is that they are just lazy. Over the years, I’m sure these added up to a sizable amount. It’s no wonder why my old boss keep getting richer and those coworkers stay poor.
  11. Failure to Comparison Shop – It’s so easy to compare prices online these days that it’s ridiculous to just trust the advertisements stating how great the deal is. Do your homework and you could be saving hundreds (if not thousands) on the next big purchase.
  12. Don’t Take the Time to Understand What You Are Buying – If you don’t really know why you are buying a certain product and what the options are before you step into the store, you wallet will lose weight faster than you can type jennycraig. Come on, it should be a fun exercise to find out more about what you are buying anyway. Save your money and just google it.
  13. Never Bothering to Say Thank You – Why does this have anything to do with saving money? Don’t forget that promotions and opportunities are given by people. If you aren’t courteous and thankful, people won’t give you another break the second time around.
  14. Selling Worthless Stock – The only good part about having worthless stock is that you can actually report it to the IRS to offset gains in other investments.
  15. Not Putting Your Money Making Idea in ActionOne of the most important lessons I learned in the last few years is to take action. You won’t succeed unless you give it a shot. Pursue your dreams.
  16. Always Procrastinating and Paying Late Fees – Paying late fees is just unnecessary. This must be common sense but for those who don’t know, paying bills take just as much time to do as soon as you receive them than two months down the road when they are late.
  17. Too Lazy to Plan Ahead – I wouldn’t consider myself a planner but even I know that you should buy a bigger carton of milk when you drink it everyday and a smaller box of eggs when they will go bad before you can finish them. How many times have you been too lazy to even think of your purchases and ended up paying for it emotionally and financially?
  18. Not Being Organized – Remember the coupons? Do you actually organize them? How about all those bills that you could’ve deducted your taxes on? Invest a little time to get yourself organized. A side benefit could be happier housemates too.
  19. Never Trying to Think of Free (Cheaper) Alternatives – Do you rent movies at your local shop but haven’t considered Redbox? Are you eating out everyday but never bother to try home cooking? (If so, you need to read this.) Do you always go to the same electronics store to buy everything without thinking?

One Last Note How Laziness is Losing You Money

“I don’t have enough time” is just an excuse for being lazy. Everyone has time to cook their own meals. Everyone has time to find the better deal and everyone has time to keep more money. If you don’t have time, make time.

19 Ways Laziness is Costing You Money.

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