Twitter may face legal action over anti-Semitic tweets

Following a wave of anti-Semitic posts on Twitter, anti-racism groups in France say they were looking at all legal options to target the authors of thousands of offensive tweets – and possibly Twitter itself.

French anti-racist groups on Tuesday said they were launching wide-ranging legal action following a wave of anti-Semitic posts on microblogging site Twitter.

A sample of the offensive tweets

Translation: a good jew with his friends and girlfriend

Translation: a good jew

Translation: a good jew should be cooked just right

Translation: a good jew will criticise the # unbonjuif hashtag because he sees anti-semitism in everything

The move follows an explosion last week in the use of the Twitter hashtag #unbonjuif – meaning “a good Jew” – to spread anti-Semitic jokes online.

By October 10, the hashtag was trending third in France (meaning it was the third most popular tagged subject on the site in the country) and a deluge of offensive posts

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