Let today be The Day that we of our species dedicate our whole selves to recognizing and solving The Problem. It is the most pressing problem that our species has faced for the last 5,000 years, at least. A representative sample of The Problem is depicted below:

Former Penn State Univ head football coach, Joe Paterno, held a meeting at his home to determine how to contain the crisis of Molester Jerry Sandusky brazenly raping black boys in a setting that could be seen by (black) people.

Jerry Sandusky: An eyewitness saw him anally raping a boy of our species

Former Penn State University President Graham Spanier: Called a meeting to contain the crisis of possible knowledge by members of our species of an ordinary sex ring of his species.

Jerry Sandusky’s wife: In order to contain the crisis of being sacrificed to the mission of duping black people, Mrs. Sandusky made calls to victims once the grand jury inquiry into the assaults by her husband had begun. Many of the assualts, occurring over 15 yrs, were in the basement of her house.

University of Syracuse serial child rapist:: Bernie Fine

Boston Red Sox Manager Donald Fitzpatrick: Molested 12 boys of our species while other members of his species covered for him. Nothing unusual.

Mary Kay Letourneau: first met the Samoan boy she raped when he was in the second grade class she taught. She first had sex with him when he was 12 and she was a 34-year-old teacher at a suburban elementary school.

Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey is the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She stands accused of sexual abuse of a six-year-old boy as well as bestiality. Lindsey is still working at her position at the CDC.

Thomas Jefferson conducted breeding experiments with his farm animals and with members of our species. He personally impregnated black women for his breeding experiments.

There is no known evidence that we, the people of this planet, knew just what had arrived off the coasts of North, Central, and South America 400-600 years ago. By that time, however, the Savage Taking had been underway for thousands of years. The time scale of the mission of those that arrived is alien to our species and thus, until recently, that mission has been unknown to us. Their mission is nothing less than to graft themselves onto our species in order to colonize this planet and replace our species as the dominant one on it.

They call themselves “white people.” However, that is a term of their predatory craft that they have affixed to themselves to disguise themselves as one of our kind, “people.” They are not people. Their nature is very different and is in conflict with ours. They have DNA that can neither have come into existence by evolutionary adaptation to this planet nor by genetic mutation from the original modern homo sapiens. So, these creatures are, apparently, alien to this planet. At infrequent points of modern history, we have commonly called them our enemies. But, enemies of people are still largely regarded as people. These creatures are more accurately identified as our alien predators.

An apt scientific term for these most able predators would be oxyhominoid: (n) a hominoid (not hominid) is a great ape of some kind /prefix “oxy”: sharp, pointed, and acidic as in smart, destructive, predatory. A shorter more colloquial term would be “anti-human”* because these creatures are innately dedicated to opposing the establishment of any humane order on our planet. Oxyhominoids are dedicated to seeing to it that people cannot evolve into our most advanced potential, humans. As humans are beings that maintain balance between themselves and between all things on this planet, there is no evidence that we have ever achieved that state. But, one thing is for sure. We can’t get there until we disable or send away the oxyhominoids.

Oxyhominoids/ anti-humans are the most cunning, savage, and versatile predators in the known universe.

As I’ve said, the mission of oxyhominoids to colonize this planet has been taking place on a time scale alien to our species and thus, until recently, has not been understood. Their plans have been executed over millennia and their behavior cannot be understood except from that vantage point. Throughout most of their mission on this planet, individuals of their species have taken actions which are designed to bear fruit long after their earthly expiration but which cumulatively advance their agenda mightily against our species. Perhaps the best example of that inch-by-inch behavior is the aggressive execution by their old to diminish the native brown-skinned population here over the next 50-150 years—long after these individuals’ flesh have eviscerated. How oxyhominoids got here and where they came from, we do not know. But, two things now seem obvious:1) their mission is to colonize the planet, and; 2) since they are alien to this planet, the most important task of their mission is to bio-engineer bodies that are adapted to this planet while preserving their distinct nature and instincts. The 2010 film Avatar is an almost perfect illustration of what has been occurring. This film is no mere coincidental depiction. Oxyhominoids immensely enjoy hiding secrets from us in plain sight. They enjoy sadistic humor akin to placing “kick me signs” on an abused person’s back. They are always conducting experiments to ascertain just how gullible we really are. Current science is now fusing tissue and machine at beyond a mere basic level. (see the Juan Enriquez TED talk, “Mind-boggling Science”) However, the project to bio-engineer bodies adapted to earth for oxyhominoids, so far, seems to have been done almost entirely through controlled breeding experiments and methods—that is, being selective about the traits of the (black) people that they choose to rape by force or by guile. Thomas Jefferson was not only one of the early Fondling Fathers** and a slave-owner. He was an avid practitioner of animal husbandry who performed regular breeding experiments and took copious notes of them.

There has been frightening progress in the grafting- through- breeding project. At the time of their arrival on our planet, hominids that we call people uniformly had the traits of dark brown to black skin, tightly coiled hair on the scalp, almost no hair on the rest of their bodies, and the traits of empathy for each other, holistic thinking and other physical, mental and emotional traits unique to our species. Today, most of earth’s hominid population is a hybrid between its people and the oxyhominoid. Making The Problem more complex is the fact that simply looking at an individual is not sufficient to determine whether their neurological mechanism is that of a person or of an oxyhominoid/anti-human. Further, unfortunately for us, the physical and/or behavioral traits of oxyhominoids do predominate in many of these hybrids. And, increasingly, there are those hybrids who have more and more of the physical traits of ours such as darker skin with a significantly greater ability to tan as well as darker hair, eyes, and the neurological sense of rhythm. Yet, these hybrids exhibit the behavioral nature of the oxyhominoid/anti-human. The most problematic application of these behavioral traits of such hybrids, is, of course, their predatory acts toward the (black) people of this planet. As is well known, the hair, skin, eyes, ears, brain and other organs of oxyhominoids/anti-humans is without the sufficient carbon-based material, melanin, for healthy functioning on this planet. BUT, there is one behavioral quality that fundamentally distinguishes oxyhominoids/anti-humans from people which may or may not be a consequence of insufficient neuromelanin: their infinite appetite for manipulation of habitats and the creatures native to them. Since this is the quality of oxyhominoids/anti-humans that distinguishes them from us, oxyhominoids have no desire to “remedy” that instinct with “melanin therapy.” To do so would convert their species into ours. And, that, of course, is the opposite of their objective.

Behaviors that are a consequence of the oxyhominoid/anti-human basic instinct of bio-manipulation are:

*Habitat endangering technology
*Genital stimulation without regard to gender, age, or species
*Lack of sensuality and emotion in sexual relations with adults of opposite gender [Notice: a) the number of film scenes with these creatures engaging in sexual intercourse with clothing on, and ; b) the proclivity of their females to have very casual sexual intercourse.]
*Hunting for sport
*Pleasure in torturing other species
*Pleasure in complex deceit

Because oxyhominoids/anti-humans operate on such a long time scale and keep us under constant pressure, we lose perspective in evaluating phenomena such as the following:

*the use of our infants for alligator bait during formal slavery
*hanging and burning black men alive after public castrations
*splitting open the pregnant bellies of black women
*liberal banter about stopping our abuse with no results all the while molesting us sexually
*elk heads on walls


The oxyhominoid/anti-human specimens pictured in this article have displayed behaviors, instincts, and abilities typical of their species. On the infrequent occasions when their predatory operations have been partially uncovered by either research or accident, those that were not directly observed by an eyewitness of our species will display their own species’ great ability to feign surprise and outrage much like various insect species can feign death or immobility. They will, when required, identify one or more of their kind as the “deviant” predator and pretend to be outraged so that the mission of their entire species will not be endangered. For example, in the discovery of the rape of young black boys by adult oxyhominoids at Penn State, the predator’s species executed their strategy of “limited sacrifice.” At first, only the individual creature called Jerry Sandusky was criticized because he was actually seen by an adult of our species anally raping a young boy of our species. When it became clear to us that the rapes were known to have been witnessed and discussed by specific other oxyhominoids (“white people”), the pretend outrage was extended— but only to those specific creatures for whom cover was impossible without exposing the mission. This predatory species has specialists to fill that function who operate infomedia consumed by us. But, the pretense is also uniformly feigned for our benefit by oxyhominoids/ anti-humans who interact with us as teachers, neighbors, store clerks, subway riders, etc..
There currently seems to be a lack of uniform anti-human strategy in regard to addressing the recent increased frequency of our discoveries of anti-humans’ appetite for genital contact with sexually immature members of their species and with those from ours. While the most common strategy remains the pretend outrage, some are attempting to eliminate the need for cover-up operations by convincing their prey, us, that pedophilia is not alien or deviant behavior. On December 20, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI said:

“In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children
It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a ‘better than’ and a ‘worse than’. Nothing is good or bad in itself.”

And, there are the thousands of their post-pubescents at Penn State who rioted after the head football coach “JoePa” was sacrificed by being terminated after we got wind of his part in the usual child sex-ring. But, there remain many “white people” on post with their pretended horror. Those people include Alex Jones from who will acknowledge that these child sex rings are everywhere and indulged in by the “elite” of every sphere. That, of course, is a grand pretense as well. This behavior is not limited to their “elites.” It is characteristic of their species.

Given the great success anti-humans have with convincing us of the sincerity of their pretended emotions and of their desire for “humane” behavioral codes, what has been said here will be characterized as unjust, as “racist” and—I know, outrageous. (Chuckle)… This is calculated to take advantage of our species’ empathy for those we believe to be our kind and who have the need to be regarded as having the same emotional needs as do we. This response will be persuasive for most of us. I realized this before I started punching the keys for this article and if you are one of the readers who does see what is really going on, take this into account when deciding how to most efficiently use your time and energy in solving The Problem.

When the revolt of the Savage Taking has been successfully completed, we the people of this planet can celebrate a new and proper Thanksgiving Holy Day. The first day after will be our first whole day in a long, long time. May it proceed humanely. Time is the absence of deed.

*The term “Anti-human” was coined by the reader and commenter and occasional CREE radio co-host, “LBM.”
** The term “Fondling Fathers” is a term I believe was coined by Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing.
***”Time = the absence of deed”; The
UICCSC Book by Neely Fuller, Jr.

Cree Seven—All Rights Reserved.



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