a “holiday” message: Jesse Jackson Jr.’s resignation from Congress does not mark the end of his troubles | A Guest Post by Trojan Pam



I predicted this would happen

and the reason I say it like this is not because I’m so clever (I’m not), BUT to illustrate how things become much clearer AND much easier to predict

when you FOLLOW THE LOGIC and STOP lying to ourselves about the nature of racist man and racist woman

THAT is one of the biggest advantages — You will understand things that you never understood before

As Mr. Fuller said, “if you don’t understand white supremacy, everything that you understand will only confuse you.”

Five years ago, I would have never predicted this event, and probably would have swallowed hook, line and sinker, most of what the white media told me was happening

I might have believed that Congressman Jackson actually WAS bipolar (and maybe he is) but I would have never seen the COINCIDENCE of his announcement coming right before the possible Federal indictment, and that the Feds wanted him because of “misuse of campaign funds.” (hah!)

I would have still believed that former President Clinton was a “good white man” (I voted for him twice) and that Hillary Clinton was a “good white woman” who cared about people and would have made a great First Female President (sure she would have)

I would have also thought that a black man could be elected and re-elected even though he was trying to oppose the same corrupt system that FINANCED him, just like I thought Clinton, Gore, and Kerry were trying to do (NOT)

when my eyes opened and I realized what a snake “first black president” Clinton WAS, and how black people were harmed MORE by his “democractic” administration than by the four previous administrations,

I said to myself I would never fall for this political con game again — and started paying closer attention AND then I started getting my information from people and sources OTHER than the mainstream media. Once I was introduced to Mr. Neely Fuller information in late 2008 (I think),

and a MORE LOGICAL picture started to form — and I started asking: “Why would a WHITE SUPREMACY SYSTEM put black people in positions of power who wanted to dismantle that WHITE SUPREMACY SYSTEM?”

And that question — instead of making me feel “bad” or “uninspired” or disillusioned” with black leadership —

it actually had the OPPOSITE effect. I never felt STRONGER-MINDED and CLEARER-HEADED and even though there was a lot I didn’t understand, it was a GREAT, very EMPOWERING feeling!

A lot of people think that an unpleasant TRUTH is something that makes you feel bad

but embracing the TRUTH (especially unpleasant ones) actually makes you STRONGER and SMARTER

which means when racist man and woman pull one of their old tricks


and that gives you the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL AMMUNITION for the next white supremacy trick that will surely come your way.

Which why I advise against drinking the POISONOUS KOOL-AID even if it tastes or feels good

and why it is absolutely necessary NOT to “fall in love” with any man or woman who is promoted BY the white supremacists for any reason, be they politician, entertainer, or educator

logic (should) tell us that white supremacy does NOT support ANYTHING that does NOT support OR extend the life of white supremacy

That should be one of our MANTRAS, and a CORNERSTONE of a BLACK CONDUCT CODE

When Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr first got “sick”  my first thought was — “Uh-oh, the FEDS are after him and he’s trying to outrun thoise blasted “alligators ” who want to eat him!”

I suspected his “illness” was buying time, a stalling tactic (and a brilliant one, actually) because he figured (correctly) that the Feds wouldn’t indict him while he was in a hospital bed in Mayo Clinic suffering from “bipolar” depression. And he figured right. His father, Reverend Jackson, Sr. certainly had enough experience dodging those same white alligators and so I suspect this strategy might have come from more seasoned heads around him.

Regardless, Congressman Jackson couldn’t hide forever, and  sooner or later, he’d have to face the white music of racist man and racist woman.

I told people — many of who disagreed — that, watch, he’s going to resign in the hopes of either NOT being indictetd, or at least getting a lighter sentence (we’ll see how that plays out real soon)

Why? Because RACIST MAN AND RACIST WOMAN never go after anyone because of “ethics” or “corruption” or “adultery” because they are all doing UNETHICAL things themselves. That’s like a gang of mob bosses going after another mob boss because he’s a criminal. (?)

For whatever reason, racist man and woman wanted Congressman Jackson out of that Congressional seat (possibly to put a different, better puppet in office) or just to boot another black person OUT of office,

and/or to rattle black so-called leadership (serve notice on those remaining blacks in office to keep their black mouths shut as we do what we do best),

and more importantly, to shake black people’s faith in black elected officials — which is why they waited until AFTER his re-election to reveal the damaging information that he had given a $40,000 watch (using campaign funds) to a (possibly white) female instead of doing it BEFORE the election

I believe the END goal is to remove as many black legislators from office so that President Obama will pretty much be all that we have, with a few high-profile exceptions ALL of who — and I do mean ALL OF WHO — will be working ON THE BEHALF of white supremacy

And the ones that try to avoid harming black people as much as possible will be the LEAST REWARDED and possibly, the MOST TARGETED.

It is absolutely necessary that we follow the logic when following politics for our CHILDREN’S SAKES

because by NOT telling ourselves the truth we are teaching our children to be ILLOGICAL, WISHFUL THINKERS, and UNTRUTHFUL TO SELF.

Which means they will NOT have the ABILITY TO SPOT THE (WHITE) ALLIGATORS so they can either OUTRUN them OR DESTROY them.

On the real, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr was useless as an individual (He is, was the Congressman in my district) but why they went after him is more significant than his record in Congress.

I’m just not sure what that reason is.

Stay tuned, racist man and racist woman are up to something. The more truthful WE ARE about our condition AND our so-called “black leadership” the more likely we are to SEE WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING and be able to strategize to reduce the effect of it.


PS. Keep that WAR HAT on, it is your best weapon against confusion and that tall, cool glass of Black Kool-Aid!



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