This Shit Is All Racist – Profiling


BTW, the guy on the left is the person police arrested for the killing of three Brooklyn shopkeepers and the “guy” on the right is the sketch the police originally released.


I saw this last night and I was so angry. Like, really?

So.  Uh.  Is this just their “Stock Negro Criminal” drawing they pull out for all crimes?  BECAUSE HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET THIS PICTURE FROM ANY DESCRIPTION OF THAT DUDE?

“We don’t have a suspect… Put that picture of Kanye out again”

This Shit Is All Racist – xtremecaffeine: bankuei: jalwhite: ….

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One thought on “This Shit Is All Racist – Profiling”

  1. I heard about the guy on the left, but I didn’t know they had a sketch on the guy that looked like the picture on the right.

    Look at them, they’re practically twins lol.

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