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It seems nothing is off-limits for some liberals on Twitter, as a number of them decried America, Thanksgiving and Charlie Brown as racist, Twitchy reported Thursday.


“While many Americans try to set politics aside for the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s too much to ask of a vocal group of Twitter users who are using the day to slam America,” the staff at Twitchy said.


“F**k thanksgiving and the racist a*s pilgrims who started this s**t,” one person tweeted.


The message no longer exists, but plenty more took its place.


“[H]appy thanksgiving, the most racist/colonialist of ALL the holidays! wiping out native people really gets me in the mood for some pie (sic),” tweeted “lizzie c.”


“[T]hanksgiving is the most american holiday because like america its hella racist and like america its all about food (sic),” added “Weed Supreme.”


“I’ll say happy Family Day….’Happy Thanksgiving’ is racist….Native Americans did not sit around & sing kumbaya with the pilgrims smh (sic),” another person tweeted.


Twitchy said that a number attacked cartoon character Charlie Brown as racist.


“You gotta love vaguely-racist-towards-Native-American people Peanuts Thanksgiving specials,” tweeted “Kyle Elphick.”


“Charlie Brown is racist. Black kids sitting on one side of the able all by himself,” another person wrote.


A scene in the 1973 animated film has long been the source of controversy, with some calling it “casual racism on display.”


“The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special should really be called, ‘You’re a Racist, Charlie Brown,'” added “Madeline LeVota.”


Even “high fives” and handshakes in the cartoon were deemed racist, Twitchy said.


“The fact that Charlie Brown gives Franklin a high five #racist,” said “Mo Ship.”


Unfortunately, it’s the kind of reaction one expects from liberals on Twitter these days.


“It is sad when our country is belittled and trashed at every turn by Liberals,” a commenter at Twitchy said.


“The Progressive motto: ‘We cannot be happy until you are as miserable as we are.’ Happy Thanksgiving anyway, folks,” another person wrote.

Liberals on Twitter: Thanksgiving, America, Charlie Brown racist – Spokane Conservative |

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