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Authorities in New Hampshire are investigating claims that a college student believed to be dead was murdered during an orgy, according to reports.

Law enforcement officials continue to search for the body of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Marriott, who possibly suffered a fatal suffocation while having perverted sex with her suspected killer, Seth Mazzaglia, and another woman.

On Saturday, prosecutors charged Mazzaglia, 29, with the second-degree murder of Marriott, who vanished last week and whose body remains unfound.

Marriott, a student at the University of New Hampshire, was last seen on Oct. 9 after attending an evening class in Durham.

Authorities say that they expect additional arrests to be made, but Associate Attorney General Jane Young said Wednesday that investigators are still building their case.

“We bring a charge when there’s evidence,” Young said. “What I maintain in this case, is if the evidence brings us to the fact that another person was or other persons were involved then other charges would be brought.”

The search for Marriott’s body is ongoing, spanning the coasts of Massachusetts and Maine.

“At this point, [she] could be anywhere,” said Young, according to Patch.

I think she’s where she belongs… in hell burning! Rest In Piss BEATCH!

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Marriott

White Savage Takes Rough Sex Too Far And Kills A Becky | Cynical Afrikan.

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