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Winfrey says that to be able to champion the cause against racism will take white people actually caring for a person of non-white origin.  And that is part of the reason why I champion this cause.  My boys from my interracial marriage makes them non-white. My husband is a brown person. When you care about brown and black people, it is impossible to not see how it affects them when you stand by their side.  And while Ferrell Winfrey admits that she does not know how it feels to be a non-white person and can’t say she knows what racism feels like, she says she can be witness to it and try to learn and gain understanding.

Perhaps that is what we can ask of all white persons. Rather than accepting racism or denying racism, simply try to see if it exists. You may have to look long and hard if you travel outside the companionship of black or brown persons.   Without either walking in their shoes or walking in the shoes beside them, racism is so silent and invisible that it is unrecognizable to almost all white people.  It is much more than an uttered racial slur.  It is much more than acceptance of black and brown people.  And you’ll have to look, because it is unrecognizable to some black  and brown folk, too.

That is how successful group thought and opinion is, it eventually convinces those who see differently – the oppressed,  to see it our way.  If it makes you uncomfortable a little, and you can allow this discomfort to linger a while, then you are beginning to see it and the process of acceptance has begun.

But, if you are outright angered by it, you probably already know it exists but would prefer not to know. Instead, see below to listen to the words of a white woman already farther along the road that is definitely less travelled…by white people:

Interviewer Sabrina Johnson from the Race Relations Institute at Fisk University:

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