Police brutality or standard procedure? – Ross and Burbank –


I spent yesterday listening carefully to the whole 28 minutes. I don’t know if you listened to the whole discussion with the 911 medics, but they were asking the cops whether ‘you would like us to write down if this guy was being restrained at the time.’

It sounded like they were listing all the things that they found wrong: he had a contusion, his eye was swollen shut. They also put a neck brace on him.

The cop asks if that was necessary and they were saying ‘Yes, that’s standard for procedures like this and it’s not going to be pretty.’

And the medics seem to ask if they’d like them to write down that he was being restrained at the time. The cops say ‘OK,’ bought I thought it was interesting that the fire department seemed to be checking with the police department on how they might want this to be written up.

Did you also notice that we don’t see the initial interaction between the suspect and the cop who ends up doing the punching because the mic isn’t on. He’s apparently got a wireless mic and he went off to talk to somebody else.

The suspect has his hands peacefully on the car. He’s not trying to escape in any way, but his compatriots, or the people he was hanging with, they feel that something is about to happen. The one guy in the wheelchair moves away, the other guy walks away. It looks like they anticipate something bad going down here.

Police brutality or standard procedure? – Ross and Burbank –

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