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Goal: Fire constable recorded using racial slur

A London police officer has been acquitted of criminal racial abuse but is awaiting a disciplinary hearing after being recorded using a racial slur towards a suspect in custody. Last year Constable Alex MacFarlane was secretly recorded saying to a black male, whom he had handcuffed in the back of a police van, “Your problem is that you’re a nigger and you will always be a nigger.” The man managed to record the conversation on his cell phone.

There is absolutely no room for racism in the police force. It is widely believed that police tend to be racist and specifically target minorities; this is just a small example which has happened to come to the public’s attention. If an officer is absolutely found out to have prejudices against any race or creed, that officer should be immediately fired.

As a society, we cannot have police on the streets victimizing the public. A racist is obviously inclined to act unfavorably towards other races. A police officer must deal with all races, religions, and backgrounds and treat them all with the same respect and dignity or that officer has failed in their duty. Officer MacFarlane has failed in his duty and must be removed from the police force immediately.

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Dear Commissioner Hogan-Howe,

PC Alex Macfarlane has clearly demonstrated that he is openly prejudiced against blacks and therefore incapable of performing his duty properly. The continued employment of a constable who so clearly possesses hatred of a certain race by your department would show the public that the Metropolitan Police as a whole supports racial prejudice. How can a police department protect a diverse community if they openly show disdain for a certain segment?

It is certain that a person who so openly dislikes any race or creed would not afford the same protection to the people that fit the description of those they do not like. It also seems that they would not only place protection of this group lower than that of others, but they would tend to target and harass this group as well. A single, prejudiced constable is one thing; an entire department defending prejudice is quite another. The Metropolitan Police must fire PC Macfarlane in order to ensure the public that they have their best interests at heart despite race or any other identifying factor.


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Fire Police Officer Who Used Racial Slur – ForceChange.

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