Malaysia – Woman claims son victim of police brutality @ Wed Nov 28 2012

GEORGE TOWN, Nov 28 — A woman has alleged that her 24-year-old Universiti Sains Malaysia contract worker son was tasered and beaten up when police arrested him on Monday evening.

His mother has lodged a police report over the alleged brutality.

Housewife Zabidah Che Mat, 54, accompanied by Suaram Penang members, lodged the police report at 1.50pm today after noticing bruises on her son, Tarmizi Idris’ face, neck, hands and body.

According to Suaram programme officer Sean Ho, Tarmizi, 24, and his friend Zafril Bahari were detained near their home in Flat Siakap at about 7pm on Monday.

“They were arrested on suspicion of taking drugs but no drugs were found on them during arrest and when Tarmizi questioned the police on their arrest, he was beaten up and tasered,” Ho alleged.

Tarmizi and Zafril were brought to the magistrate’s court yesterday and were then remanded for a week.

“When their families demanded to see them, the police had initially refused to allow them access and told them to come back another day,” he said.

He claimed that one of the policemen told Tarmizi’s family that he (Tarmizi) had tested positive for drugs and had resisted arrest so he would also be charged for obstructing a police officer from carrying out his duties under Section 186 of the Penal Code.

“We view this case seriously as so many of such cases had happened and we urge the police to act professionally in investigating this allegation,” he said.

“We have raised this issue again and again but this was not viewed seriously and in this case, the individual was not armed and yet he was tasered and manhandled,” Ho said.

He said even though Tarmizi was suspected of taking drugs, it does not mean the police have the authority to beat him up and taser him.

“Does this mean the police have already tried and convicted him of an offence even before he was brought to court? What is our judiciary system for if these incidences where the police take the law into their own hands keep happening?” he asked.

Ho pointed out that in 2011, there were a total 11 police brutality cases lodged in the country and that there also were reports of cases resulting in severe injuries and even deaths.

“Many of these cases were not known by the public as the complainants were refused their right to obtain a public defender,” he said.

He urged the police to act professionally and also urged the police force to study the standard operating procedure when conducting arrests and raids so that the police officers involved do not use excessive force, such as in Tarmizi’s case.

Suaram also called for a Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to be set up so that it could investigate cases involving police brutality.

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