The C.O.W.S. book study -Yurugu – part 8 of 9 [pages 421 – 490] – YouTube

Hosted by: Gus T Renegade
Title: the C.O.W.S. book study – Yurugu – part 8 of 9 [pages 421 – 490]
Date: 06/29/2012

Episode Notes: The Context of White Supremacy hosts the weekly study session on Dr. Marimba Ani‘s spectacular publication, YURUGU: An Afrikan Centered Critique on European Thought And Behavior. This weeks session will examine Chapter 8 (Behavior Towards Others). Dr. Ani evidences the code of conduct that is relegated to non-white people – any and everything destructive can and should be doled out to non-white hue-mans. This portion of the book reinforces, reminds us that it a major error to expect correct treatment from Whites. Dr. Ani also devotes a substantial portion of chapter 8 to exploring what motivates Racist Woman and Racist Man to behave in their terroristic manner. We’ll explore the theories of many of our previous guests – Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Joel Kovel, Michael Bradley and others.

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The C.O.W.S. book study -Yurugu – part 8 of 9 [pages 421 – 490] – YouTube.

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