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Your Task: Watch a Revolutionary Movie and Discuss

Level 1 Task: Watch a Revolutionary Movie and Discuss.

  • We don’t have many movies that demonstrate revolutionary energy in the Black communities, but there are a few and we should know them well.
  • Here are some titles:
  • Movies: Five on the Black Hand Side, Night John,  Rosewood, Spook Who Sat by the Door, Cry Freedom, Malcolm X, Roots , Shaka Zulu, Bamboozeled, FBI’s War on Black America, Eyes on the Prize, Separate But Equal, Tales From Da Hood,  Posse, Antwoine Fisher, Crooklyn, Panther, Amistad, Bikers Boyz, Higher Learning, Lean on Me, Sankofa, Last Dragon, Besouro, Meteor Man,  Remember the Titans, Ethnic Notions, Quilombo, Drop Squad, Men of Honor, The Greatest, The Clegg Series, Malcolm X: Make it Plain, Glory, Hoodlum, Devil in a Blue Dress, American Me, School Dayz, Sugar Cane Alley, Masai Rain Warriors, They Live,  Stand and Deliver, A mighty Walk: John Henrik Clarke, Equinox , Akheelah and the Bee, Black Panther Cartoon
  • Documentaries: Coconut Revolution, Zeitgeist, Hannibal the Annihilator, Loose Change 2nd Edition, Food Inc, Food Matters, MAAFA 21, Black Candle, The Corporation, Voodoo Secrets, All Power to the People, Goodbye Uncle Tom, A Class Divided, Khalid Muhammad on Donahue, Francis Cress Welsing on Donahue, Alderman Michael McGhee on Donahue, 500 Years later, Slave Catchers Slave Resisters, Black Wallstreet- Tulsa Oklahoma, The Business of Being Born, Magical Egypt, Ethnic Notions, Malcolm X Make It Plain, Marcus Garvey Look for Me in the Whirlwind, Bastards of the Party, American Drug War: The Last White Hope, Cocaine Cowboys, King Leopold of Belgium, Black Hair Documentary, The Murder of Fred Hampton

Level 2 Task: Share a Revolutionary Movie with a friend.

  • Many of us know of great movies, but keep the information to ourselves.
  • Let’s spread positive images like the negative images proliferate in our environment.
  • Post the title or the movie on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. #RevolutionaryLove.

Share your experiences of #RevolutionaryLove in the comment section.

Which movie did you watch? How was the discussion?

#RevolutionaryLove Day Three: Watch a Revolutionary Movie and Discuss | Samori Camara.

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