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Former Millbrae police officer Danny Singson has been ordered to pay the city of Millbrae $21,600 in court fees that the city incurred during a racial discrimination lawsuit that began three years ago.

A federal jury found after a 2-week trial in May 2012 that Stingson’s claims of employment retaliation from his superior in the Millbrae Police Department were unfounded. The plaintiff is filing an appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Singson’s superior was former Millbrae Police Cmdr. Marc Farber. Singson, who is Asian, claimed Farber, who is white, singled him out for “criticism, verbal harassment and discipline,” according to court records.

Court records also show that acts of alleged discrimination between 2007 and 2009 included not appointing the plaintiff to a Special Weapons and Tactics Team, despite his qualifications; recommending disproportionate punishment for tardiness; and discriminating against another Millbrae police officer of Chinese descent.

In Nov. 2011, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the city of Millbrae had spent $300,000 on the suit.

“It’s a continuing waste of resources,” lead attorney for the city in this case, Mike Moye said on Monday. “The jury agreed that the evidence failed to demonstrate retaliation, and the evidence basically just demonstrated regular management personnel decisions….I don’t see how that will be any different in the 9th Circuit.”

According to court records, Danny Singson is of Filipino and Chinese descent and joined the Millbrae Police Department in 1998. Since the Department was coopted by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office in March 2012, Singson has no longer been with the Millbrae department.

The plaintiff’s attorney was not immediately available for comment. Millbrae Mayor Marge Colapietro declined to comment on the case.

Police Officer Ordered to Pay Millbrae $21,600 – South San Francisco, CA Patch.

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