World Bank accused of racial discrimination (Bretton Woods Project)


Bretton Woods Update coverAn online petition launched in April by an international group of current and former Bank staffers, Justice for Blacks, calls upon NGO Human Rights Watch, the Bank’s governing board and the US government to establish “immediately an external commission” to investigate the Bank’s inability to uphold its policy of “zero-tolerance for discrimination”. The group has raised concerns about equal opportunities, equal pay and the Bank’s administrative tribunal mechanism. They cite US NGO the Government Accountability Project’s 2009 report (see Update 66) and two recent discrimination cases in 2010 and 2011 to show the Bank is failing on racial diversity. The principle charge of the petition, which has received nearly 1,500 signatures, is that the Bank is violating the human rights of people of African origin.




Published: 6 December 2012 , last edited: 6 December 2012

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World Bank accused of racial discrimination (Bretton Woods Project).

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