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I know, I know…”this isn’t THAT type of neighbourhood!” Well, news flash, geniuses…it is EXACTLY THAT TYPE OF NEIGHBOURHOOD. I’m not one bit surprised that this recent mass-shooting and act of domestic terrorism happened in Crack-o-my-ass County, the white-trashiest, meth-snortingest, nazi-populated armpit of Oregon state. A white guy entered the mall, “jogged” to the food court, and opened fire on the crowd, killing two and injuring another. The killer then fled and was found later by police, dead by what is being called a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The sad, sick, just plain wrong statement in this incident came from a witness who actually saw the guy mere seconds before he began blasting away in the food court. She saw him plain as day, holding his “assault-type rifle” diagonally across his body as he briskly made his way through the Macy’s. Do you know what she said? Exact quote (which I wrote down after backing up the DVR about three times to make certain I got it right): “It didn’t really register. I thought that something fun was going on, like a flash mob or something.” Let me spell that out for you, in case you can’t see it. She saw NOTHING WRONG OR UNTOWARD about a tall, thin white guy, dressed in black and wearing a hockey mask, ‘jogging’ with an assault-type weapon through a crowded mall. Now let me repeat it so that it can sink in: SHE SAW NOTHING WRONG OR UNTOWARD about a TALL, THIN WHITE GUY, DRESSED IN BLACK AND WEARING A HOCKEY MASK, ‘JOGGING’ WITH AN ASSAULT-TYPE WEAPON THROUGH A CROWDED MALL! One more time, in case you really can’t grasp it: SHE SAW NOTHING WRONG OR UNTOWARD about a TALL, THIN WHITE GUY, DRESSED IN BLACK AND WEARING A HOCKEY MASK, ‘JOGGING’ WITH AN ASSAULT-TYPE WEAPON THROUGH A CROWDED MALL! SHE THOUGHT THAT IT WAS ALL FUN AND GAMES!

I know good and well that if the man in question had been a brown or black man, he wouldn’t have gotten five steps through the Macy’s before at least ten CCW holders drew down on him and blasted him to hell and beyond! How sickening is it that, in the aftermath of all of the mass shootings and murders perpetrated by white men, they STILL aren’t profiled at the numbers that non-whites are, and an obviously dangerous person won’t be looked askance at because the privilege of his white skin allows him to carry a loaded weapon into a mall and start shooting. When privilege grants you the freedom to walk through a mall with a loaded weapon and nobody looks at you twice, then you have absolutely NOTHING to fucking complain about. I’ve had many people put me on blast on news sites or blogs, simply because they didn’t like my straightforward comment – never mind that the comment was truthful! I don’t provoke needless, empty controversy to drive traffic to my site in the manner of other publishers – it seems cheap, easy, and a bit lazy to me. I simply observe things and speak on them if I feel moved to do so, and it’s not to get in a debate with anyone over anything – it’s simply speaking my piece, as comment sections claim to invite people to do. That’s one reason I blog, so that I can speak my mind without some jerkwad censoring me needlessly – I can censor myself just fine, thank you very much! Bottom line, though, is that I’m pretty damned accurate with my observations. Accurate observations come from experiencing the world, not hiding from it!

I’m getting off track now, so I’ll end this post. I’m glad I live in a semi-secluded area with few neighbours – and the closest one is three miles away! I like my space and privacy.

I’m Not One Bit Surprised… « Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings.

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