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Racist Mocking Serena


Josh Wickett, the skilled veteran counter-racist practitioner and one of my favorite writers in the world, put on a clinic of counter-racist speech with the white folks on the PUA (Pick-up Artists) Blog concerning that sour-grapes mockery of Serena Williams’ beautiful figure by that marginal talent white female tennis player. So, here it is in its entirety as it arrived in my inbox this morning. It’s a tutorial. A great one. So, I hope less experienced victims in the use of compensatory conversation control will study this jewel. Gotta make our work our fun. Racists (white supremacists) do.


Guest post by Josh Wickett


OK, so I post the article on the PUA (Pick-up Artist) blog.


Now I already knew that according to code, the first white person to respond would be the white supremacist (smartest white person on the blog) and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. “Mathew King” is a very smart white person. He is a major contributor to this site, but he’s not a “pick up artist”, he’s a theologian, with some amount of training, study and obvious interest in mans salvation and purpose in the universe.


Buts he’s still a racist; How do I know?


Because he was the first white person to respond. Why was he the first white person to respond?


Because the rest of the white people were waiting for the smartest white person to show them what to do.


That’s how it works.


You can run this experiment anytime you are surrounded by white people.


The other phenomenon I would like to highlight is the clear UNITED DEPENDENT capability white people employ in their practice of racism; i.e. white people easily cooperate and WORK TOGETHER to practice racism under the tutelage of the white supremacists. This is the pattern Ive noticed on all forums. White people who don’t even know each other and often even hate each other, will band together to attack a nonwhite person.


Do black people do this when they practice counter racism?




Why not?


I don’t know. Ive been running CR experiments on this site for several months now and I know who the regular black commentators are; but they NEVER jump in to cosign or defend any of my counter racism comments the way white people jump in and promote defend racist comments.


Luckily, I find it easy, entertaining and educational to engage and defeat 5 racist at the same time with no assistance.


This has led to an interesting phenomenon.


Sometimes no person white or nonwhite will respond to a post I make.


This is a unique circumstance because racists almost never allow a counter racist to have the last word.


It used to disturb me that no one responded to my comment. But the truth is, when your code is pure, ANY respond they give will only reinforce it (and they know this).


You have placed them in “check” and rather than highlight it by responding, they try to ignore it so no one else notices.


Barring that, as per Neely Fuller’s observation, they only have 3 choices of response:


Tacky – (what the white girl did by stuffing towels in her clothes)

Trashy – (usually something sexual) “ah, ah,… maybe someone should shove a watermelon up Serenas ass…”

Terroristic – “lets see how well she plays tennis hanging from a tree”


I strongly suspect that 3rd one is the reason black people don’t practice a cooperative form of counter racism in the same way white people practice a cooperative form of racism. The tendency of black people to avoid provoking a terroristic response in white supremacists is understandable given the historical record.


But guess what?


That “event horizon” is precisely what black people must pass through if a system of racism is ever to be replaced with a system of justice. We keep trying to avoid passing through this “skinny part of the hourglass”; well… most of us that is.


I have a theory that white peoples expressed discomfort with the physical appearance of the Williams sisters is really just a diversion. What REALLY disturbs them is the Williams sisters ATTITUDE towards tennis; the diligence, confidence, focus, study, discipline…


What if black women took this same attitude in all 9 areas of people activity?


Here is what racists say is the answer to that question:




on December 10, 2012 at 10:19 pm | Reply by our Josh


White girl makes fun of Serena Williams


I aint mad; imitation is the best form of flattery.


Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


Can anybody translate what the commentator is saying?


on December 11, 2012 at 12:52 am | Reply Some white male


I used to like women’s (girl’s) tennis as a kid. Then those bead-braided, screeching monkeys came along and ruined it forever. Not even a sweaty swaying Danish piece like Caroline Wozniacki could bring me back. Forever unclean.


Interesting how a stacked body like Serena’s could be utterly repulsive to me. It’s cartoonish in its exaggeration, and usually squeezed into tight shit that leaves nothing to the imagination. No subtlety, no delicacy. Her broad shoulders aren’t the only masculine thing about her..


Dat azzzzzz! Badonkadonk. *retch*


I’d say thwack (our Josh) can keep her, but I know he wants the milk-skinned Beckys too.




on December 11, 2012 at 1:47 am | Reply some white female
Do you think the too-tight clothing plays into the black culture of overt, obscene sexuality or just a matter of convenience for the game? And when I refer to overt, obscene sexuality, I’m thinking of nine year olds ‘popping’ their asses, the women you see on the streets wearing clothes that would make a prostitute blush, the video we’ve all seen of the children emulating sex at a party with either no adult supervision or might-as-well-be-no adult supervision. If you have to shave to wear a skirt, and I don’t mean your legs, then you shouldn’t be wearing it in public. Save that for the bedroom. Granted, a lot of white people are picking up on that, too, now, but it seems to have started in the black community.


Ugh, and NOTHING is more disgusting than a big, fat person, male or female, white, brown, yellow or black, wearing clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. Overweight and happy, fine, but wear proper fitting clothes. If your back looks like cleavage, don’t wear that shirt. cOVER IT UP. Ugh, so gross. Eww.


on December 11, 2012 at 8:41 am | Reply by some white male


Serena Williams shouldn’t be playing other girls, she’s a foot taller than they are and oputweighs ‘em by half a person.
That’s how she gets to just caveman-club them right off the court.
Pit her asgainst Rafa, they can just grunt each other to death.


on December 11, 2012 at 8:50 am | Reply by our Josh


Matthew King (King A)
Interesting how a stacked body like Serena’s could be utterly repulsive to me. It’s cartoonish in its exaggeration, and usually squeezed into tight shit that leaves nothing to the imagination. No subtlety, no delicacy. Her broad shoulders aren’t the only masculine thing about her.


Its “cartoonish” to YOU because you cannot accept the phenomenon called the black woman; especially one that routinely crushes your precious “Becky” in court.
From an evolutionary perspective, womens tennis demonstrates all the qualities men values in a woman *if he could only have one* That is the key to its popularity among men; that’s why you watch it. “Masculine” is a relative term; relative to the observer. Just because you are a pussy doesn’t mean Serena is any less feminine. It just means you would have married her when she was 14 because that’s all you are confident you could have handled.


All female tennis pros (if they are any good) have pronounced masculine qualities because their craft requires it. The fact that Serena clearly appears more than capable of producing, suckling and defending a baby… just makes her more attractive from an evolutionary perspective.


But only to real men.


Womens professional tennis is not a beauty pageant, its not a popularity contest… it’s a war. Your flaccid comments about Serena are a weak attempt to compensate for and distribute your own insecurity about your own masculinity (what little of it you obviously have).


Please miss me with that ball-less rhetoric.


on December 11, 2012 at 1:46 am | Reply by some white male


It would have been funnier if she’d added blackface.


Hilarity ensues!

Serena Williams and Her Sexual Threat to White Females and Testosterone Challenged White Males–Guest post by Josh Wickett « Cree7’s Blog.

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