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It was very interesting as a small town girl coming to stay in Joburg permanently 4 years ago.  People (most of Joburg based peers) used to judge or make fun of me because I came from Free State, Bloemfontein.  Geographically Bloem is not that small, but Economically it is tiny compared to Joburg, so I got to understand where they were coming from.  They would ask me silly questions like, do you guys have cows and chickens as pets.  Honestly I used to hate it, as much as all South African hate it when Americans assume that we have Tiger and Lions as pets, like REALLY? Anyway moral of the story is that people can judge and differentiate you for the smallest things in the world that shouldn’t even matter, always fishing for something or someone to pick on.

The skin tone issue is so old and tired, but I just love how its turning around now.  Gone are those days when yellow bone honeys were in fashion and  looked better than the dark toned/ Chocolate honeys or other skin tones.  Something we have never expected in this world to happen after all the criticisms, discriminations against these people.  Well it has come to my attention that the “New Cool” skin tone is Albinism.  I believe those people are freaken intelligent and are genuinely beautiful souls.  It was when South African based designer Gert Johan Coetzee made fashion headlines when he chose Thando Hoba as the face of his latest collection as well as to open his fashion show.  I didn’t know who she was, I remember going on the net immediately after reading a few tweets and as soon as I clicked images I was in awe, out of breathe on how gorgeous this young lady is actually.  I think she was one of Legit fashion retailer’s faces at some point, I stand to be corrected.


Thando Hopa for Gert Johan Coetzee couture

Image source: Orgella

Thando Hopa

Image source: Afrizion

Soon after that, I started reading and seeing Diandra Forrest all over the net and a few magazines, whom is also very gorgeous.  To be honest, this shows that if you let people to bring you down by how you look like or where you from, you will stay loosing feeling hopeless and miserable.  Nowadays it is all up to you to make changes in your own world.  To create your own standards, rules, etc and let the rest of the world follow you.


Diandra Forrest

Diandra Forrest

Image source:


Can he get it or not?

I believe beauty comes from within, but we all have different views and eye for beauty.  Albinism is a rare, beautiful and hard core fearless look that brings something enormously amazing to beauty.  This is how it should be, embraced!



Image source: PCOX

I am in-love, these people take the most breath taking pictures wow. Do drop a comment and let me know what you think.

All Love,

THE “NEW COOL” SKIN TONE, ALBINISM! « The BlaQ_Haute_Kouture Lifestyle.

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