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I thought this update was important enough to create a new post



In my previous post, I listed four reasons BUT I inadvertently left out the FIFTH — and perhaps the second MOST important reason — Ambassador Susan Rice might be confirmed as the next Secretary of State:


Reason #1: The United States is teetering on the brink of World War III. If the saber-rattling between Iran and Israel escalates, the U.S. will be pulled into the most potentially dangerous conflict of our lifetime (sorry, but I must call it like it is)


Reason #2: Imagine the U.S. engaged in a WORLD WAR with a Black President, a Black Secretary of State, and a Black Attorney General. The BLACK BLAME GAME will be in MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.


Reason #3: The RAGE that will be generated among the already insecure, anxious, financially stressed, and increasingly discontent white population over more economic and political hardships. Putting black faces in such prominent (and politically responsible) positions will send racism OFF THE CHARTS.


Reason #4: The BLACK BLAME GAME will lead to widespread BLACK SCAPEGOATING as white ANGST turns its collective head in OUR DIRECTION (instead of towards the white people in charge). This angst is  already stoked by a 24/7 days a week mainstream media propaganda machine that cranks out hundreds of articles, movies, TV shows, and crime stats showing black people as a worthless, criminally inclined, uneducated, baby-making, sexually perverted, white-female-raping, black female-prostituting, neck-rolling, jive-talking, clowning, lazy, trifling, shiftless, welfare-and white-tax-dollar-stealing useless population…


…that “decent” white society would better off WITHOUT



Reason #5: The “fiscal cliff” — a deliberately MANUFACTURED DISTRACTION and eventually, a PLANNED ECONOMIC DERAILMENT — of the U.S. economy will require a SCAPEGOAT so the real architects and beneficiaries of this failing economy will remain safely and very, very, very, very profitably hidden from sight.


Here’s a description of the “fiscal cliff” from an investment website:


“Fiscal cliff” is the popular shorthand term used to describe the conundrum that the U.S. government will face at the end of 2012, when the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011 are scheduled to go into effect.


Among the laws set to change at midnight on December 31, 2012, are the end of last year’s temporary payroll tax cuts (resulting in a 2% tax increase for workers), the end of certain tax breaks for businesses, shifts in the alternative minimum tax that would take a larger bite, the end of the tax cuts from 2001-2003, and the beginning of taxes related to President Obama’s health care law.


At the same time, the spending cuts agreed upon as part of the debt ceiling deal of 2011 will begin to go into effect. According to Barron’s, over 1,000 government programs – including the defense budget and Medicare are in line for “deep, automatic cuts.”


Another (and in my opinion very accurate) explanation of what the “fiscal cliff” might represent:


“This so-called ‘cliff’ is really just the first in a series of steps. The US budget is arguably the most distorted in the Western world. Greece and Japan may have higher debts, Italy and Portugal may have worse growth prospects – but for sheer budgetary insanity, the US is probably the world leader, combining huge current deficits with vast unfunded promises to retirees, and welfare entitlement program recipients.


You don’t need to take my word for this. The IMF states, ‘under our baseline scenario, a full elimination of the fiscal and generational imbalances would require all taxes to go up and all transfers to be cut immediately and permanently by 35 percent. A delay in the adjustment makes it more costly.’



If the U.S. economy slides off the “cliff” entirely (and takes much of the world with it)


Who is positioned to take the MOST BLAME?


Here’s a clue:


The “guilty culprit’s” (SCAPEGOAT) last name doesn’t begin with a “B”


George-W-Bush  George Bush, Jr.




  Ben Shalom Bernanke, the current chairman of the Federal Reserve


or a “C”




former Vice-President Dick Cheney




 former President Bill Clinton


or a “G”




Timothy Geithner, the current Treasury Secretary of the U.S


If you guessed that the last name begins with an “O” you guessed correct




President Barack Obama, the ‘First Black’ President of the United States



I also wanted to share an email I just received (from my most reliable source) AND a comment on the previous post that provides invaluable insight into the Susan Rice nomination AND further illustrates how EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE, and IRRESISTIBLE the Black Blame Game is — even when the FACTS says otherwise:


— beginning of email —


What about the media using the “associative logic” ploy with regard to the Benghazi safe house situation? The ploy is about repeating the name  Susan Rice on the backdrop of images of the Benghazi consulate, when in fact the AOR falls directly on Hillary Clinton.


This became obvious to me when MCcain said that the Benghazi situation and the cross examination of  Susan Rice was critical to her selection as the next Sec of State. But not once has their been a direct association of Hillary’s name to the Benghazi consulate. When everyone knows that USAID & EMBASSY operations are directly under her office.


Talk about scapegoating, here’s the quote from the Washington Post:




“Rice has been by far the biggest focus in the postmortem of the attack in Benghazi, in which four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, were killed. Clinton said back in October that she herself was responsible for the diplomats’ security as head of the State Department, but the controversy has instead centered around Rice and the version of events she offered on the Sunday talk shows after the attack.”




Administratively Rice had nothing to do with the tragedy.


— end of email —



comment on my last blog post by Aaron J Berg ( blog: Reality Unknown)


“Alberto Gonzales was the first ever non-white Attorney General, under the Bush administration, before Eric Holder was first black Attorney General. As a matter of fact, it was not until after the 911 inside white supremacy military job as I call it, that any non-white held a position in the top four positions of the executive branch.


After September 11, 2001; The Presidency, Attorney General, and Secretary of State positions were filled by non-whites for first time ever in American History. Also, Condoleezza Rice being first non-white female to hold position of National Security Advisor is significant as well. There are other higher level government\military positions that have been filled by non-whites for first time in American history after September 11, 2001.”



The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ will be Part 3 of my predictions.

Hope you’ll stay tuned!

Update: Three Predictions: Part 2 — A Guest Post by Trojan Pam « The Black Code Files.

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