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Sign for “colored” waiting room at a Greyhound bus terminal in Rome, Georgia, 1943. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m actually not a warrior by nature. Not at all. I’ve been forced into doing battle with words because I am a victim of this most unjust system of racism (white supremacy). But, because I am not a warrior by nature, I sometimes survey the field, take note of positions and then march along with my head in the turtle shell I use for a tank. In doing so, I often miss acts of alliance and, even, valor for my goal of justice. So, here’s another. This one was a message from Big Jo to Jay in the Black Dimension about black women’s issues always being conflated with and, usually, overwhelmed in discussion about those of black males:
“Jay in the black dimension,

May I provide an analogy. Can you imagine someone has passed and you are at their funeral? A male comes up to deliver a eulogy. The person starts off the eulogy saying, “Susan endured a painful life just like my wife and begins to spend the entire time discussing the pain of his wife.” There would be no doubt that the speaker’s wife may indeed have had a painful life. But that wasn’t the time, the place nor the purpose for him to express the grievances he had for his deceased wife. That would be inappropriate and counterproductive towards the general purpose of someone’s eulogy.

I think you may be experiencing something similar on this blog. These posts are intended to highlight the unique pain and trauma that black women have to endure as victims of white supremacy. Especially, the abuse they receive from black males as both the things they do AND things that THEY DO NOT DO. When I say things they do not do, I mean things like empathizing with the unique struggle that black women have to undergo.

As stated by many of the lady writers on this site, they have no hesitance when empathizing with the plight of black males and providing any support needed.

This is a non-reciprocal relationship. Reciprocity is one of the pillars of justice outlined by Ma’at. This only 1 example of a violation of justice (Ma’at). You cannot produce justice while violating a tenet of justice.

I believe that’s one of the things that the ladies are trying to communicate. I could be wrong, as I am a male, and I do not have the relatively more evolved communication abilities as females do.

Summarily, this topic is designed to address problems of black women in regards to White Supremacy. Lumping in or trying resurface the problems of black males, is inappropriate and counterproductive to the intended purpose as in the example of the incompetent eulogy speaker (i.e. the female writer who suspected that a form of derailment was taking place.)

As a side note, this is evidence of saying my close female friend. Stating that, Black men do not listen to us. In order for black men to stop mistreating black women, it will require black men telling other black men to stop and pointing out their incorrect behavior. This is partially why I felt compelled to write this.

As a person who is a member of a group who has victimized others, it is necessary for you to endure painful criticism (as black victims expect from white supremacists). Why? It is the correct thing to do. “We” effed up, we should AT LEAST be willing to take the pain of some minor gripes, and up to vitriolic diatribes. After all, we are partially involved at a group-level.

They are our women. If we truly love them that much, we should be there for them, to share their pain. And the longing and hope to be active participants in bringing about the end to their suffering.

Big Jo”

Another TRUE Alpha Male Spoke & I Missed It « Cree7’s Blog.

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