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I am reading from page 174 of The United Independent Compensatory Code by Neely Fuller Jr.

This video is NOT about Christianity, nor is it about Jesus. It is about the Religion of White Supremacy, which depicts all of the important figures (prophets, apostles, angels, a supreme being, etc) in ANY religion promoted amongst non-white people (Victims of Racism) as white people and promotes all of the “evil” or “cursed” people as non-white people.

See “The Curse of Ham

for one example that many Racists promote in secret, these days. It is still believed by many white people, today.

Just ask a white person these questions “what is the curse of ham?” and “Do you believe in it?” Go to Google images for:





What do these images do to the psyche of both white and non-white individuals?

They imply that “white” people are superior to non-white people. They imply that it is “better” to be white than non-white. Such implications in my opinion are characteristics of Racism / White Supremacy.

One possible solution is to reveal the truth about these images, their origins, and the reasons why they were created. Then create a system for eliminating them or at the least adding a disclaimer that would reveal the truth about them, so that no one would be confused about them. For many years as a child I actually believed that Jesus was a white person and I know plenty of non-white offspring who believe this, at this very moment. It really did make me think I was inferior and cursed.


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