What is the First Step in Counter-Racism? – YouTube

It’s time to wake up out of the zombie trance you’re under. We cannot reset the game until we realize we’ve been had.

Are you following the truth or propaganda?

Counter-racist logic will remove all preconceived notions about the universe. Any and all denial or cognitive dissonance as a result of life-long indoctrination via the education system, television, religious heresy, etc. will slowly but surely be dispelled from your consciousness.

The system of white supremacy exists and is the number one problem among the people of the known universe. Replace is with a system of Justice and we remove 95% of our problems. This will allow us to tackle problems correctly intended for our species in this existence.

We may begin to live, rather than exist.
Love instead of fear.

Practice the Basic Ten Stops and get codified.

Pick up a copy of Neely Fuller’s book:
The United Compensatory Code/System/Concept Volume 1 and 2.

The blueprint for effective counter-racism. What is the secret to counter-racism? Never follow people and their neurosis. Follow the logic.

What is the First Step in Counter-Racism? – YouTube.

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