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Past mistreatment is forgivable, since the past already happened it cannot be avoided or changed in any way.

Future and present mistreatment however is not forgivable and should be recognized as an emergency situation by anyone who highly values justice, because if justice means ANYTHING, it should mean that no one should be mistreated for any reason.

I have concluded that we are in a global system of people who call themselves white and are planning to continue mistreating non-white people for ever as a goal in itself. In a system of racism white supremacy (rws), to be white is to function as a racist white supremacist, and to not be white is to function as a victim of rws.

Rws is a situation where 8% of the planets population (racists) have dominated the other 92% (victims of rws), to the extent that most people on the planet speak in the language of racists -meaning victims who speak Spanish and English.

Racist white supremacists first waged war against all peoples and occupied all areas of land, now with media and language, racist woman, child, and man wage war and occupy our minds with the epistemological assumptions one must function with merely to speak with other people in a language developed to mistreat victims of rws.

Epistemology has to do with the understanding of knowledge, and how people arrive at conclusions. The english language is full of racist white supremacist programming.

For instance, the term “mixed” implies a lack of focus and is often used to describe non-white peoples.

Another term is “race” which is incorrectly applied to people who are not racist, did not co-create the term “race”, and never wished to be included in rws as victims of it. The term “race” implies winners and losers and the English language says “white is heavenly, and black (or non white) is evil”.

The word “spade” means a small farm tool, a “nigger”, and (spelled spayed) female impotence, all at the same time. This creates dehumanized values associated with non whites.

“Niggle” means something that is unimportant and or irritating, and seems to combine “nigger” and “giggle”: “niggle”. This seems to say in a word: “non white people are unimportant, should be mistreated, and we as white people should laugh about it the whole time”

Replace white supremacy with justice as soon as possible.

via Niggle in the context of white supremacy/racism | Tarnishedvictimrevolting’s Blog.

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