A London city councillor shocked her fellow politicians when she used a racial slur during a council meeting on Tuesday.

Sandy White used the “n-word” while trying to argue for women’s rights in relation to an advertisement posted on transit property which she called degrading to women.

“If the ad had n—–, people would be offended,” White argued after holding up a poster of Katy Perry.

White was calling on two council members to apologize for comments made about her resignation from London’s Transit Commission.

She later told council she used the word for shock value.

Coun. Harold Usher, the only black politician on council, told the London Free Press he was shocked by the slur.

“I was so stunned, I had to keep silent because I knew if I had opened my mouth I would have exploded,” he said “I think it’s unfortunate we have to stoop so low at council — this is the lowest I’ve ever experienced it.”