letters reveal man killed by APD had white supremacy ties

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Letters written from prison by the man shot and killed by Albuquerque police Tuesday reveal the man’s violent history and ties to white supremacy gangs.

The letters penned by Parrish Dennison during his time in prison in the late 90s were intercepted by guards and on Thursday City Hall gave KRQE News 13 a stack of those letters.

Dennison holds to the White Supremacy Doctrine and in his letters discussed beating up inmates of other ethnicities and even starting a race war.

He signs the letters “Happy Holidays -SS” and “Stay White.”

Letters reveal man’s White Supremacy ties

Denison was shot and killed by APD after a chase and SWAT standoff where officers say he refused to drop his gun.

APD Chief Ray Schultz would not release the full names of the officers who shot Denison because of his ties to the White Supremacy gangs.

These letters paint a better picture of those ties.

In one letter he talks about starting a “little war with the majority Hispanics and letting his soldiers handle the after effects.”

He also brags about the tattoos he got while in prison – a hooded reaper, nine swastikas, razor wire and lightening bolts.

In another letter he talks about being solitary confinement after a his “best fight yet” where he beat up a Hispanic man.

Denison was a wanted man when he ran from police Tuesday night.  He is well known in San Juan County where deputies say a lot of his New Mexico crimes were committed.

Letters reveal man’s White Supremacy ties.

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