Saving White Supremacy: Propaganda in the War Against Black Independence

[Editor’s note: This week The Final Call features a special guest editorial written by Student National Spokesperson Ava Muhammad. In addition to her role as Nation of Islam spokesperson, Ava Muhammad is also a student minister and an attorney.]

I recently  purchased  a  book  titled “African Americans in  Chicago.”



The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with his son Mustapha Farrakhan.


It was a photographic history and included beautiful images of attractive, well -dressed Black families, such as that of Emmett McBain, who became a major figure in the advertising industry.

Another featured Hiram Revels, the first Black member of the United States Senate, with his daughter and grand-daughters. On the last page was a lovely portrait of President Obama, the First Lady and their children. The author noted his effort to include the “visage of the entire family” which is usually ignored in the mainstream media’s stereotypes.

Wealth, power and the building of human potential cannot happen without families. Family is not a project, it is a process. It takes generations to achieve the level of stability essential to the development of a nation. The institution of slavery could never have existed without the destruction of the Black family unit—again, we are looking at a process—which took generations (1555-1619) to complete. From the beginning, the agenda of White America has been the destruction of the Black family unit. The special relationships between husband and wife, father and son, sisters and brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, are essential and irreplaceable. Destroy the family, you destroy the community and with it any hope of a nation.

The survival of this world in its present structure, depends entirely on Black people and all people of the Earth accepting fundamental philosophy of White supremacy. The Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, through his National Representative, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, pose a formidable threat to this world. He is preaching a system rooted in belief in and the worship of One God; the sanctity of marriage and family; freedom, justice, equality and economic independence.

Minister Farrakhan is in the midst of a 52-week lecture series, The Time and What Must Be Done,” airing weekly over the internet, accessible to virtually every living person on the Earth. He is making bold declarations in an environment that provides the viewer with a calm, relaxed, person-to-person experience that can be had in private.

“And now we have reached, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, ‘The end of this world and its system of things… the world in which we are presently living is a world that was ‘doomed’ from its very beginning. And this world, now, is in peril; it is perishing, it is going down…God has come, and has chosen for Himself the despised, the rejected, the unloved, the unwanted Black Man and Woman of America to be the Cornerstone of His New Kingdom of Righteousness.”

The corporate-owned United States government has a violent history of assassinating, incarcerating, deporting or ruining the reputation of every Black leader who dares speak truth. What can it do about one man who will not bow to the forces that have crushed our people for centuries? This is a man not restricted by fear, who challenges them in front of the world, “Don’t let up on me, because I surely am not going to let up in the preaching of this word. So come against me, then, with all you have, because it won’t be enough to stop what God has in store for you.”

The media has a policy of keeping the Nation of Islam out of the news, because press coverage, positive or negative, tends to increase our ranks. But desperate times call for desperate measures. So the Chicago Sun Times, in the April 22nd edition, ran a front page story with the Nation of Islam’s Student Supreme Captain Mustapha Farrakhan as the subject. Mustapha Farrakhan is the third son of Minister Farrakhan and has been the head of his security detail for decades. He has been at his father’s side at venues all over the globe. The significance of his work cannot be overstated, since there has never been a time when his father was not a target for assassination. The Sun Times is a vehicle for rolling out a fresh propaganda campaign against Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. The ultimate target, however, is the poor, oppressed Black man and woman of America, whose only path to salvation is to repent of the evil we practice that we have learned from our open enemy.  If the enemy can get between us and the one guiding us to our salvation, we will perish with the enemy.

The story is textbook propaganda, a powerful form of  psychological warfare.  In the midst of  a growing wave of love and acceptance of the man and the message,  this story  was written and published to produce a negative emotional response from the Black community in general and the believing community specifically. The desired outcome is to create a negative view of Minister Farrakhan and reinforce it with an assault on the second and even third generation of his family.

A separate report being published in the Final Call will inform the public of  facts which the Sun Times deliberately omitted or presented in a selective and misleading way. Both the front page and inside story banners are cloudy, loaded messages—designed to arouse negative thoughts in the reader,  but falling short of assertions that would bring about a lawsuit. The enemy is initiating a deliberate and systematic effort to shape not only the perception, but the behavior of Black people. Why?

The  white  power  structure  recognizes a danger to itself that you and I don’t necessarily see.  They know that Black people have the capacity  to return to their natural state at any moment. They are keenly aware that with the Minister talking to us in the way that he is, the probability that we will transform in an instant increases every day. This is but one move in a desperate attempt to save White supremacy. It exposes the enemy’s hatred of the son’s love and respect for the father; it exposes their bitter desire to insure the work of the father does not continue through that son or any of the sons, or the daughters, or the followers. Having found no way to even calculate how to defeat Farrakhan, they are committed to making sure his power and influence is limited to his lifetime.

Referring to  Minister Farrakhan  as “the country’s leading radical Black Muslim”, the reporter writes he was unable to get answers to “detailed questions” about the relationship between the police department of a predominantly Black suburb of Chicago and the Nation of Islam’s head of security. The Sun Times wants readers to know that the mayor of Harvey, Illinois is a friend of the Farrakhan family—a matter of grave concern. Do you think that a positive relationship between Black officials over a city—even a small, struggling one— and the Nation of Islam, is not a serious problem for White people? Think again.

Throughout the story, the reporter complains bitterly that the son uses a police squad car with a Harvey sticker on the plate to lead “Minister Farrakhan’s imposing, presidential-style motorcade of matching, black Hummer SUV’s to several impromptu ‘walkabout’ appearances on the South and West sides.”

How dare a Black man have a motorcade? A Chicago police spokesman said they have no record of a request for a motorcade. A White Republican police chief from Elmhurst, Illinois is interviewed. He wants to know, who is Louis Farrakhan to have a motorcade? Remember, this world operates on a philosophy of white supremacy.

It is inconceivable that Black people dare to befriend one another, pool their resources, protect their leadership from harm, and never seek permission from white authority. It is alarming that last summer, without seeking their permission, Minister Farrakhan led the Fruit of Islam among our people in the so-called ghettoes of Chicago where the murder rates are among the highest in the country. The people poured out in droves to look at him, listen to him, be near him. And unless something is done about it, they will follow him.

No, the Minister did not seek approval for a motorcade. He did not ask permission to call the Million Man March, either. The writer gratuitously offers that while his “national influence has greatly diminished”, Minister Farrakhan“remains a charismatic figure to many African-Americans in the Chicago area”. Actually, anyone who possesses influence in Chicago tends to be influential elsewhere. President Obama. Oprah. Reverend Jesse Jackson. If you know history, you know that Chicago is Black America.

The Sun Times is the number one newspaper in Chicago and ninth in the country. On any given day of the week, it has a circulation of more than 250,000 (450,000 when you add the suburbs). You cannot achieve those numbers with “has-beens” and “wannabees” on the front page. Indeed, when a man is of such interest that his children receive front page coverage on the ninth largest newspaper in America—I would venture to say his influence is growing, rather than diminishing. And you can rest assured that with P. Diddy calling for his millions of  Twitter followers to watch The Time and What Must Be Done, and  Erykah Badu calling him a

“Superhero” and a “brave and beautiful being,” we are witnessing a meteoric rise in the numbers of young people, who are being influenced by Minister Farrakhan.

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah calls upon us to use our reasoning powers. Let us obey Him when the enemy strikes in madness.

I close this writing with an excerpt from Closing the Gap, by Brother Jabril   Muhammad.

Brother Jabril poses a question:

“…Whenever God intends to do something through His servants or have His servants accomplish something, Satan runs ahead and puts out something that looks right but it’s not. How can the new Believer in God’s Truths distinguish between Satan’s move and the Divine Move?”

Minister Farrakhan: “The Divine Move is perfect. Satan’s move is so far from perfection, that running ahead of God to try to produce something always leaves holes that create dissatisfaction, which then leads to perfection…I am watching the enemy trying to make one world, one political reality, one currency; one this, one that. That is God’s Idea. So the move that Satan makes, God is directing it. God says, ‘Oh you forgot something. Checkmate.’”

Saving White Supremacy: Propaganda in the War Against Black Independence.

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