2 thoughts on “Gabby Calhoun talks to Dr. Boyce about the Police Beating She Suffered in June – YouTube”

  1. Kemetix,

    Thank you for everything you do!

    For some reason, some of Our Brothers and Sisters do see the world as the way it is. Perhaps, they do not want to see how ugly living on Earth is.

    All yt men hate black men. They hate Us everyday all day, as You know. If Our Women disagree with anything a yt man does, then She is hated, as well.

    Everyday, I am left with the same thought. Where does whiteness come from? Unfortunately, The First Mother Ever knew nothing but love for all of her children. Darn, She set Herself up for a horrible future doing that. I guess it goes to show You that men are different from Women. If maybe (any non-yt) Man gave birth to the albino, he would have noticed something was wrong with that baby right away!

    I’m sure two pure Black Young Men were born before the albino. One Young Afrikan Man was bald and the other looked like His Father, I think. Then came the albino, who saw that coming?

    These yt men walk around not knowing that someone formed an idea of who the Devil possibly is from them alone. They talk about how they are white. They don’t like for Us to know they turn red. One should instantly associate “a red face man” as the Devil.


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