Black man turned away at Kung Fu Saloon for “ghetto” shorts| Austin

College Station man turned away at Kung Fu Saloon

AUSTIN — A statement allegedly made by a doorman at a popular Austin bar Sunday afternoon to a would-be customer is raising eyebrows and prompting dozens of statements on Facebook.

“His reasoning I think is what got us most upset and we were like ‘Okay we’re going to leave now,’” said Scott Hudnall.

On Facebook, Hudnall posted a picture he took of his friends. One of them was not allowed in to The Kung Fu Saloon Sunday afternoon, reportedly because of his basketball shorts that dipped slightly past his knees.

Hudnall told KVUE News he was one of 12 people meeting at Kung Fu Saloon for a fun afternoon. He says the group was starting to slowly come in. When Hudnall’s friend Michael Frey IV got to the door he was allowed in, although he was wearing basketball shorts past his knees. But the gentleman behind him, Stephen Robinson, was not.

“It’s like ‘Really? What difference does it make?’ I mean I was in shorts. They weren’t long shorts like that, but pretty much everybody is. It’s hot. He had said ‘Basically we just don’t want this place to fill up with a bunch of people dressed ghetto’ – and he used that word,” Hudnall told KVUE on Monday.

Hudnall says obviously a private business can enforce whatever dress code it wants. He’d just like to see the same treatment for everyone.

“I think the most important thing is [that] I wish they would just admit that there was some error in judgment on their part, apologize to Stephen, and just pledge to apply their rules equally to everybody. I’m not even asking you to change the rules, just treat everybody the same,” added Hudnall.

No one from Kung Fu Saloon responded to KVUE’s repeated attempts to get an interview or a statement as of late Monday evening.

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