How do you deal with good blacks?

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How do you deal with good blacks?

I’m hoping this subject draws some responses! I am new to this site and am just opening my mind to the ideology presented here, so this is an honest question and something that I am trying to reconcile. What is the general opinion of blacks who are educated, productive members of society, and who respect and support american culture? and especially blacks who are honest about the problems within their own race. people like Thomas Sowell and Dr. Ben Carson. Is it the position of the white nationalist to also want nothing to do with them, or are they and exception that you would welcome?


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Re: How do you deal with good blacks?

Well nobody has ever asked that question before…

Use the search function



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Re: How do you deal with good blacks?

encourage them to spread what they’ve learned and helping their people in mother africa


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Re: How do you deal with good blacks?

No society takes on the nature of its exceptions.

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Re: How do you deal with good blacks?

I treat them with the same dignity that I would any other respectable person. I don’t hate anyone or treat them poorly based on their race. That is ridiculous, and it makes us look really bad, hurting the cause. Our “hate”, whether real or contrived,is the enemies strongest weapon against us.

Black people will need strong black leaders when they return to Africa. This is our ultimate goal. I want Africa to thrive, and I want the African people to have all the same opportunities, comforts, and advantages in life that I want for our people. If they achieved this, then black people everywhere would want to repatriate to Africa. They can’t achieve this without strong, intelligent, disciplined black leaders. We should be working with these people to help them realize their role in this endeavor, not fighting against them.


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Re: How do you deal with good blacks?

Well, seeing as I do not spend any time in Africa, I really don’t have any contact with “good blacks”.

In my opinion the only “good blacks” would be the ones trying to help their folk and communities in their own lands!



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Re: How do you deal with good blacks?

They are clearly the exception that proves the rule. And they are the quickest to admit that and even point it out.

They receive many times more hate and crap than the WN and WS folks – probably because the other blacks see them as traitors for being honest about things.

Personally, I think these exceptions should be nurtured. My reasoning is that they clearly show the non-exceptions what they are. Another is that it is easier to deal with rational leaders than typical blacks. And lastly, it will take some leadership and direction to repatriate Africa with it’s ‘best and brightest’. Personally, I’d rather have these leaders negotiating and dealing with the African leadership instead of potentially backsliding progressives.

I’ll even be willing to deal with the typical ferals that threaten them – not so much to help them as much as to help myself!

The key here is that the exceptions are good role models for their race – ones that 99% of them can never hope to emulate, but examples nonetheless. Who knows? Eliminate the aggressive feral blacks and after a hundred or more generations, they may breed down to something that is useful. I just don’t want the laboratory to be my streets, my cities and my country!


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Re: How do you deal with good blacks?

How do I deal with decent black folks? I talk to them as I would any other decent human being. I have known several good ones. and they have helped me out a lot.

That does not change the fact that I would rather have them all out of our living space.



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Re: How do you deal with good blacks?

WN is about preserving White culture and existence. That means preserving our genes, as its our genes that make us what we are, and are responsible for our culture. A Negro isn’t White. It’s that simple. There are plenty of “good Negroes”, and plenty (probably majority) of those that commit ctrime. That doesn’t mean that we hate all Negroes, it just meazns they belong in NEGRO COUNTRIES. How should you deal with “good Negroes”? Don’t marry them, don’t befriend them, don’t date them, act civil until we have our own country.


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Re: How do you deal with good blacks?

Mindless bigotry is pointless. One need not “hate blacks”, to care about one’s own people; this is the misconception of those who denounce WNs.

There are civilized, intelligent blacks, and we are not just bound by law, but by human decency, to be civilized towards them, as they are us. Failure to do so only brings trouble to us all. There are even blacks who are decent people, this is critical to remember, since we all know, there are many Whites who are not. Let those you know, earn your respect, then they will respect you.

That said, never, ever forget, when push comes to shove, they know who they are, unlike many Whites. They may be decent to you, as bound by professional, or social dictates, but make no mistake, if it’s you or them, geuss who it will be… That said, it would awesome, if they would lead thier people back to Africa.

The most critical problem we face, is getting White people to understand these concepts, and to understand that White Genocide is coming, unless they face reality. There is no middle ground. You either want your people to survive, or you do not. It is that simple.


White Unity or White Genocide.

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