Facilitated by Mama TamekoDIVINE MINDS WORLDWIDE Connecting to Our Personal Power During this workshop, we are going to practice the Diaphragm Lock (Uddiyana Bandha). This is actually quite simple, yet very powerful. First of all, let’s look at the entire abdominal area, which is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra (or energy center). The element associated with this area is Fire (The Sun – Ra). This area governs our personal power. Our personal power is where we gather courage and inner strength for daily life and especially, for those times in life when we find ourselves feeling afraid for any reason. For this particular breathing technique/exercise:Make sure you are doing this on an empty stomach, if possible (no food at least two hours before performing this meditation). Make sure you are relaxed in your chair or on your cushion on the floor. Your spine should be straight. Your shoulders should be hanging naturally from your body. There should be absolutely no stress or tension in your body.To make sure you are relaxed, do some deep, slow breathing for at least one minute First, Inhale, slowly, gently through your nose and then exhale slowly & gently through your mouth. Do this for one minute. Steps for Diaphragm Lock (Uddiyana Bandha): • With eyes closed and your mind focused on your Solar Plexus area, slowly, inhale through your nose. • Gently pull in the entire abdominal area and hold the breath and the abdominal area for 5-7 seconds. • Gently, exhale through the mouth while relaxing the abdominal area. • Practice this for three minutes. When you practice this breathing technique, you are clearing and balancing your Solar Plexus energy center. In addition, you are cleansing, restoring, and refining your entire abdominal area, including your stomach and digestive system. If you have a healthy digestive system, all the major systems within the body will be healthy. Guided Meditation with Hesi (Chants):• Rub your hands together vigorously to activate healing energy from within. Place your hands on your Solar Plexus     energy center (abdominal area). Close your eyes. Relax. • Visualize the Sun’s energy within your belly (abdominal area). • Then, begin to chant the following sacred Kemetic words: Ari Ankh Ka. This is the original name for yoga and    meditation and it means, “Breath is the Life is the Soul.” • Repeat this phrase for at least one minute or 108 times. • Then, begin to chant the following sacred Kemetic words: “M Khu-t N Mer”.    This phrase means that you are “pulling in light and vibrating love.” • Repeat this phrase for at least one minute or 108 times. **Be sure to drink one or two glasses of water after practicing these meditations to help ground and center you. Hetepu (Peace)!Mama Tameko

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