SKNVibes | Old Road youth accuses Police Sergeant of brutality

Thorne Flemming in his blood-soaked vest
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By: Stanford Conway,
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BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – A young man is accusing a Sergeant based at the Old Road Police Station of beating him with a baton and claims that evidence lies in the visible marks inflicted on his body.

Twenty-two year-old Thorne Flemming of Hermitage, Old Road has made the accusation and in his explanation to SKNVibes stated that his “ordeal” started on Saturday night (Nov. 2) at Verchild’s Playfield.

“While I was at a party where Small Axe was playing at Verchild’s Playground, I went to give my partner some money to buy some drinks. On my way back to the area where I was standing, a bottle hit me on the right side of my forehead and blood was gushing from the cut. I immediately started looking around to see who threw the bottle at me.

“However, suddenly I saw a person by the name of Tyler Grant coming menacingly towards me and started throwing punches. I defended myself by throwing back punches and a police officer came up and parted the fight.

“I told the officer that I wanted to go to the hospital but he instead took both of us to the Old Road Police Station. It was approximately 11:45 p.m. when we arrived at the station. At the door of the station, I saw a Sergeant was standing there and I told my cousin, who was outside the station, to call the ambulance because I was still bleeding and feeling dizzy.”

Flemming said when he entered the station, he leaned against the front desk and the blood from his wound continued to flow and “messed up the floor”.

“The Sergeant told me to lean off the counter because I was blooding the place. He ordered a Constable to get a mop and a bucket of water and told me to clean the place. I told him that I was unable do that because I was blacking out. He then took me behind the counter and told me to sit on the bench.

“He started questioning me on what happened earlier and I asked to go to the hospital, but he refused my request. During the time when he was questioning me, the phone rang and he answered it. I overheard him telling the person at the other end that I would not be leaving the station because I was in his custody. From that conversation, I realised that he was talking to a member of the ambulance team.

“I asked him again to go to the hospital and he said, ‘If you say that again you going to see what will happen.’ He then left me sitting on the bench and went away, but on his return he came with a black baton and lashed me under my chin, which now carries three stitches. He didn’t stop there! He started hitting me on my knees and other parts of my body and like he didn’t want to stop.”

Flemming said that his girlfriend who had witnessed the beating shouted out to the Sergeant: “Lawd, you all gon kill meh boyfriend?” 

“The Sergeant told a Constable to get her out of the station and she started to bawl and I was doing the same, but that didn’t stop the Sergeant from beating me,” Flemming said.

Flemming said he had fallen to the ground during the beating and when he asked the Sergeant to assist him in getting up he refused.

The young man said that sometime after 3:00 a.m. on the following day he was placed in a police vehicle and taken to the JNF Hospital by two officers – a male and a female.

“While at the hospital, I was treated by a nurse and she asked me about the wounds and bruises on my body and I told her that Tyler Grant had inflicted the wound on my forehead and the others were done by the Sergeant.

“I also observed that the female Constable gave her a pink form, which I know is for the Medical Report that should have been given to me, but the police kept it. However, my intention is to return to the hospital and secure a copy of it so that people can see what I was treated for,” Flemming said.

Flemming stated that on the following day, the Sergeant visited him in the cell and queried why he told the nurse that he had beaten him, but he did not answer.

Flemming, who has some difficulty in walking due to a swelling of the left knee, said he and Grant were charged for fighting. “But what I can’t understand is why they kept me in the lockups until this afternoon (Nov. 4) after Tyler Grant admitted to the police that he pelted me with the bottle?

“They charged both of us for fighting. I was place on $10 000 bail with two sureties and have to attend court on Monday the 2nd of December.”

This media house advised Flemming to lodge a complaint at the Complaint Department at the Basseterre Police Station, but he refused, saying, “I am not going to complain to no one…I am seeking justice and the matter is already in my lawyer’s hands.” 

SKNVibes | Old Road youth accuses Police Sergeant of brutality.


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