Residents voice police brutality concerns to AC City Council –

ATLANTIC CITYEmotions were running high at the Atlantic City City Council meeting Wednesday night as residents called for action in addressing what they say are cases of police brutality.

Prior to the meeting a group gathered to hold a press conference in the city hall lobby.

“We’re not blind to it,” said Steven Young of the National Action Network.

“Everybody knows about it, everybody sees it. Now its time to do something about it and take action.”

The parents of David Castellani were also in attendance. They say since a police dog was used on their son’s arrest in June, more and more people have come forward with stories of alleged police brutality.

“Its horrible for the citizens, its horrible for the tourism, it’s a epidemic problem that we’ve seen since my sons case has come to light,” said David’s father, David Castellani

Once upstairs in the City Council chambers, several residents came forward with alleged cases of police brutality. Tensions flared and one man was even briefly escorted from the room. After the testimony of residents, several council members voiced a need for answers.

“2014 wont be the same, you wont be basically in front of us screaming about brutality. Believe it or not we do understand,” said Councilman Frank Gilliam.

“Its time, its time something is done so we’ll respond,” said Council President William Marsh.

Police Chief Ernest Jubilee was in attendance and upon the request of council, he explained the internal affairs process of reviewing complaints.

“I understand the frustration of the citizens I heard speak tonight but I can’t rush the investigation that makes for a sloppy investigation so it does take time,” said Chief Jubilee.

The Chief says he does have the ability to send results from cases for further investigation and that brutality has not place in his department.

“I don’t nor the police department does not tolerate police brutality so when it’s exposed, the officer is disciplined,” said the Chief.

Something residents hope happens sooner rather than later.

“Hopefully take action,” said Castellani.

“Not only against the officer involved but take action to revamp the police department and to get to where they’re to help the citizens, to protect and serve them not to brutalize them.”

Residents voice police brutality concerns to AC City Council –


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