“community” | The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide by Neely Fuller Jr.

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community (page 62)

avoid using this word.  When others use it, ask for a detailed explanation that you can easily understand.


Questions: What exactly is a “community”?  what exactly is not a “community”?  Where exactly is a “community”?  Is there conflict in a “community”?  If there is conflict in a “community” how much conflict can exist in a “community” and at the same time be “correctly qualified” to be called a community”?  If a “community” is “overpowered by another [hostile] “community” is the “over-powered community” still a “community”?  Can a subjugated people be a “community”?  How can people who are subject to a “hostile community” function as a “community”?  If they are “subjects” how can they at the same time be worthy of being correctly called a “community”?  If non-white people are subject to a white “community” (organized white supremacists, collectively) how can those non-white people be a community” and at the same time be a people who are subject to the dictates of racists (white supremacists)?



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